These Boys from LUMS Casually Joking About Harassment is Making People Furious for All the Right Reasons!

Harassment is nothing to joke about. Just a few months ago, the campaign #MeToo embarked a social journey on social media where harassment victims came out and called out the predators who ruined their lives.

The list included a number of famous public figures as well. Women mustered the guts to speak something they had been hiding for decades. On the other hand, we saw #IWillChange campaign the very next day; where men acknowledged how they have unethical and vile acts.

Whenever the issue of harassment comes out in the public, people talk about the victim and the predator. While seeking the solutions, lack of education is highlighted as one of the common answers to why men harass women.

If You Thought Education Was the Answer, You Are Wrong!

In this Video, You Will See Two Young Boys from One of South Asia’s Best Universities, Laughing on How they Want to Harass

The interviewer from LUMS asked the student from LUMS the following question:

“What would you do everything was legal in LUMS for 12 hours?”

This one student answers the question saying, “harassment kare gay.” The interview laughs at the student’s answer and says, “You are my kind of man.”

So basically, that’s one trashy behavior acknowledging another’s trashy behavior, right?

Watch this Clip for More Understanding

It is like men like these two are actually waiting for certain ‘legal’ opportunities to show what the actual vile that is present in their heads. And just look at them encouraging one another. Unreal, shameless attitude.

This casual “joking” attitude seriously needs to be eradicated from these young boys who have only one thing in their minds. While they are “joking” about this, another person’s life and well-being is at the stake because of the torturous harassment they had to go through.

Harassment is nothing to joke about – for years men and women have suffered because someone else thought it was okay to grope her; it was ‘fun’ to rape him.

After all, it really has nothing to do with education or the fact that it is LUMS very are talking about.

What the Full Video:

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