#BoycottAryDigital: Twitteraties Bash Sitcom Bulbulay For Airing Insulting Content Against Pashtuns

ARY Digital pakhtuns racism

Pakistan is a beautiful country that comprises of different religions, cultures, and sub-cultures. However, each tradition, custom, and sub-culture is unique and different in their own beautiful way. Regardless, of the diversity, one thing is for sure, racism is an emerging vice that makes the lives of many filled with difficulties.

What is racism?

Racism is basically an act of making a specific community or person be regarded as different on the basis of their color, caste, or creed. Not only is it a repulsive practice, but it is also something that is becoming a second nature of many Pakistanis. From calling someone ‘African’for having a dark complexion to calling someone ‘pathan’ for being simply too innocent or a complete simpleton. Racism is becoming one of the most common aspects of Pakistanis.

ARY Digital & show Bulbulay in hot waters for racism

As these minor glitches slide by, ARY Digital a very profound show becomes the target for criticism as ARY Digital portrays a rather racist joke on their highly popular show ‘Bulbulay‘ where Pashtuns were portrayed as those who are interested in terrorism and drug jesting.

Although, the idea of stereotypically portraying a specific group in accordance with such vices such as terrorism, or drug jesting is purely repulsive. Simultaneously, people are calling them out on their negligence and disregard for the Pashtuns community’s feelings. Thus Twitterati is ever ready to rip the ARY Digital into shreds for their indecency.

In addition, many people on Twitter are pointing out that many famous celebrities of Pakistan are also Pashtuns. Hurting or violating their image by referring to them as terrorists are highly unacceptable and also a great offense. To be honest, that doesn’t wrong, making fun of anyone on the basis of caste, color or creed is by no way justifiable.

This is also why Twitteraties are demanding the producer and the show cast to come forward and apologize for their indecency.

Twitteraties divided on boycotting against ARY Digital

However, some people have come up with the notion, that this is just propaganda and nothing much. Apparently, so it seems another nation-dividing banter is about to occur real soon.

In the end, it is still a situation of mixed facts and figures; whether ARY digital portrayed racism in their show or not. Either way, the best way out of this situation is to take the high road and excuse. On the other hand, people must also realize that not every situation is worth the hype.

Earlier this year, ARY senior anchorperson Sabir Shakir had predicted that 120 million babies would be born this year as part of the lockdown effect.

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