Let’s Support This Pakistani Boy Who Has Started GoFundMe Campaign For His Mom With Cancer!

Pakistani boy gofundme mom cancer

‘I’m her only child and she is all I have. It’s very painful for me to see her go through the effects of cancer and the therapy.” A 14-year-old Pakistani boy, Affan Ahmed, appeals for GoFundMe to pay for his breast cancer diagnosed mom. Being a single mother, and the breadwinner, she continued working while braving the treatment. However, it only resulted in worsening side effects.

Ahmed’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2020. It later turned out to be ‘triple negative’ – a very aggressive kind that does not respond to three of the most effective breast cancer treatments.

Moreover, it was already at stage 3b (stage 4 is incurable). Whatever needed being done, had to be done quickly.

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They advised four months of a very aggressive regime of chemotherapy and immunotherapy in the hopes of shrinking the tumor as much as possible before taking it out by surgery. However, the treatment took a heavy toll on her body. Yet, she continued working.

The treatment was very expensive. His mother spent her entire savings on the treatment and his aunt and uncle got together. They chipped in to keep them going. But in July 2020, the doctors further broke the bad news.

Despite the aggressive therapy shrinking the primary tumor, cancer had spread into her skin and was now stage 3c. Just one step away from stage 4 where it spreads throughout the body.

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As of now, the doctors are unsure if they can operate on it at all. Ahmed’s mother now needs further rounds of chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiotherapy to prolong her life and stop cancer from converting into stage 4 for as long as possible – whether they decide to operate on it or not.

Affan Ahmed’s GoFundMe campaign for his mother

Ahmed is the only child, and his mother is all he has. She has lost her hair, her energy, her thinking powers, and is in a lot of pain. Moreover, she has to go to the hospital frequently.

And now she has to go through yet more therapy which is very expensive (e.g. one dose of her current immunotherapy – Keytruda) It costs nearly $10,000 US dollars per cycle. It is crucial to contain cancer.

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Source: GoFundMe

His mother, uncle, and aunt have now spent all their savings on her treatment. Not only that but they have also exhausted their ability to take loans. Doctors are telling him that they are fighting for a cure, but also asking him to prepare for the worst.

“My mom is my everything. I need her in my life. I want her to be with me for as long as possible and see me achieve all that she’s ever dreamt for me,” Ahmed pleads for help. “Please help save my mom by helping us pay for her treatments.”

Please help the boy out by donating if you can. Any amount you can give will help him have one more day with his mother.

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