The Students Of LUMS Have Started a “Book Donation Drive” For Helping Underprivileged Students

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All of us have loads of useless books. May it be the course books we have studied earlier, short stories or novels, religious books, geographical or historical other. These are completely useless to us now as we are too busy in our lives and have no need for them.

Donate them to us. You have to do nothing except leave a message here.

You need to give us your name, a list of the books you have, your cell number and address. We will pick these books from you ourselves and you’ll see the result of your donation real soon!

Wondering who are we? We are a group of students from LUMS helping underprivileged students academically and socially irrespective of gender, religious and class. Established in 2011, we have worked on a lot of projects in JHANG.

Every year, 30 students get a free education on our behalf as we invest our pocket money into it and collect funds by arranging different stalls and public speaking activities.

This year, one of our main projects is to establish a library in an underprivileged area which will be totally free of cost for people to access. Kindly donate your unnecessary books to us as it will not cost a single penny of yours but will help us educating poor children!

#Togetherwecaneducatepakistan #educationforall

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