The Boarding Pass of Amir Liaquat Hints He May Have not Been to Myanmar After All

Ah, the world keeps revealing what it is capable of and we wonder, how awful are the humans of this world? The Muslims of Rohingya are facing hell in this world and we are sitting quietly. The supreme leaders of this world, in their hunger for power and money, are sitting quietly. Each day, we see pictures on social media how victims in Rohingya are brutally killed. Like, comment, share – tab close.

In the midst of this, two Pakistani public figures, Amir Liaquat and Waqar Zaka decided to visit Burma.

It Started when Zaka made a Tweet to Liaquat Saying How they Should Go to Burma

And he Stated why Liaquat Should Go with Them

The Anchor was Instantly on Board

In this video, the duo shared their route plans and shared how it may be difficult for them to live through their mission of saving some Muslims in the concerned area. They stated that they will go to Dubai, then Bangkok and then to Burma, as there are no direct flights to the country which is going through hell.

However, given the track of these two, a lot of people started saying that all of this is a publicity stunt they are doing to get some views.

All of this Got More Messed up When the Duo was Arrested in Myanmar

All of this happened in a course of one day and the duo is now back in Pakistan because they couldn’t get through. However, this picture of Amir’s boarding pass doesn’t really show they went to Myanmar.

However, the duo did state that Bangkok would be their connecting flight and after they will go to Myanmar. On the other hand, Pakistanis can’t really tell how they managed to do all of this in the course of one day.

Regardless of what the truth is, it has left everyone pretty confused.

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