Sirine Jahangir, A Blind Pakistani Girl Who Has Become Britain’s Newest Sensation

Blind Pakistani Girl Britain's Got Talent

As it is said that talent and skills can never go to waste and every now and then Pakistanis prove that phrase to be true. Apart from Pakistan’s poisoned image by the enemies, the young generation has always made sure to cleanse it all.

To quote an example, recently, a mindful Pakistani individual stunned the whole world by beating the great Isaac Newton. 16-year-old Muhammad Shaheer Niazi from Lahore broke Newton’s record related to the honeycomb theory. Not only this but currently, a young and sharp blind British-Pakistani girl has become the newest singing sensation in the whole of London.

Blind British-Pakistani girl stuns the UK

The 14-year-old singer, Sirine Jahangir is the only contestant of Pakistani origin in this season of Britain’s Got Talent. With her exceptional and fast learning skills, Sirine has made everyone drool over her capability. Moreover, she aims to make it to the final battle of the famous British show and for that to happen, she’s working really hard.

Speaking of her background, Sirine Jahangir is the granddaughter of Sahibzada Jahangir who is an active Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) member. Sahibzada Jahangir is the current Prime Minister Imran Khan’s spokesperson on Trade and Investment (UK & Europe). Not only this but, Junaid Jamshed (late) was also her uncle.

Killing the BGT audition

Born in 2005 in London, Sirine started losing her eyesight gradually after the small age of just 5 years. At 10, she completely lost it and the traumatic experience put the whole family in sheer worry. Learning to process over time, currently, Sirine Jahangir has ousted several other participants making her way to the top and becoming an inspiration for many.

Speaking on his granddaughter’s amazing audition, Sahibzada Jahangir revealed that she’ll be performing for the celebrity panel soon. He expressed, ”We are all very proud of Sirine. She is hard-working, lovely and passionate. When there is a disability in someone, Allah gifts that person with some other exceptional talent.”

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”Sirine’s parents have been exceptional in bringing her up and giving her everything she needed. She does charity work and helps others. She wants to thank Allah for what she has and for the blessings in her life”, he added. It is definitely a proud moment for the whole family after seeing Sirine pursuing her life passion and winning at it.

The proud parents and Sirine’s musical journey

As per the sources, Sirine’s father Kafeel Jahangir said, ”We are all very proud of Sirine. Music is her passion and Britain will give her the right platform to share her music with others. She is very excited. She did the auditions by herself for BGT. One day she told me to come along with her. I went along and was shocked that she was performing before 3,000 people. She taught herself how to play music.”

Well, we wish Sirine Jahangir the very best for her upcoming performances and may she fulfill her dream soon. On the contrary, earlier s student from Orakzai created coronavirus testing kits which cost Rs.200 only. The sample is in circulation among the health authorities and hopefully, the design will get the approval.

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