People Are Blaming these Pakistani Celebrities for the Rise of Rape Cases in Pakistan

People Are Blaming these Pakistani Celebrities for the Rise of Rape Cases in Pakistan

The rape tragedy of Zainab shook the entire country. The outrage caused a major spark on not just the social media, but on the government of Punjab as well. The tragedy revealed the many child rape cases that went unnoticed and were not reported in the past either; or even if they were reported, neither the police nor the locals took any actions to investigate further.

Essentially, Zainab’s rape and murder tragedy acted as a wake call for the locals to mull over the vile incidents, such as this, that take place all over Pakistan but are ignored.

However, the biggest problem in events like these is the victim blaming.

“She must’ve dressed in a revealing manner.”

“Why was she left alone with a relative?”

“Why was she out of her home?”

“Why did she not cover herself?”

But no one ponders on the fact that the 7-year-olds are not at fault here – but those individuals who were allowed to make others the victim of their filthy brains.

In the Light of Additional Victim-Blaming, Social Media Extremists Targeted the Pakistani Celebrities and Blamed them for the Rise of Rapes in Pakistan

The #StopVulgarityOnMedia was trending all over the country as the Pakistanis linked the dressing up of celebrities with the rise of rape cases in Pakistan.

Mawra Hocane’s dress was pointed out

How this user associated Sohai Ali’s dressing with Zainab’s rape is disgusting!

Such comparisons were being made!

This research doesn’t link Indian rapes with Bollywood celeb dressings either but…

Iman Ali became a target as well

And here’s more

Oh dear…

It is upsetting to see how we would run from the immediate issue and would discuss things that hold lesser importance. The way the celebrities dress up has nothing to do with the rise of rape cases and pedophilia in Pakistan.

With the culprits roaming freely in the country and you caging your children, the problem lies there. There is no accountability and as long as the culprits are not taught any lesson, such events, God forbid, will be hard to stop.

Rape has nothing to do with the way one dresses – women fully covered from head to toe have become the victims of someone’s disgusting mindset.



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