Here’s Why Girls Go Crazy Over Guys Who Wear Black Shalwar Kameez

Gone are the days where to impress a girl you needed to work hard to get a degree, then get a good job and earn and give love and respect. Now all you need to do is wear a black shalwar kameez/kurta, roll that sleeve up, wear a wrist watch and you’ll be slaying the girl’s, heart. (Works 100% this way, works 110% if you have a nice beard)

And this Eid is the best chance for you to go get them, girls. Because apparently, all you have to do is what’s mentioned below.

Don’t let them down, boys.

They’ll be waiting.

Keep slayin’

You have no idea how important this is.


Why don’t you realize?

Rolled up sleeves are important.

But we have a little problem

And this is a very genuine problem. You know girls talk about black shalwar kameez  like it can turn Rajpal Yadav into Fawad Khan, no girls. That’s not the case.

Talking about guys in black shalwar kameez.

Umar Akmal is here to steal your hearts, ladies. 

 Doesn’t he just slay wearing black shalwar kameez?



Hold your hearts

source: youtube

source: youtube

How can we forget Altaf Bhai?

Right, girls? Black shalwar kameez and a wrist watch and those shades? Damn.

Amir Bhai!

Okay take a moment and catch your breath. This beard and this shalwar kameez and that smile. How can any girl not fall for this?

Ladies? Excuse me?

Shaikh Rasheed Ahmad

Rolled up sleeves. Check.
Black Shalwar kameez. Check.
Rolex. Check.
All he needs is a beard and Emma Watson will be ready to date him.

Okay enough of Internet.

So ladies, here are a few examples of men in black shalwar kameez. Amazing aren’t they?

When men realized their worth.

We will wear black shalwar kameez, roll it up but for us. Not for you.



So apparently these days all you need to make a girl fall for you is a black shalwar kameez. Because according to these girls even a aalu bengan wala bengan will look classy if you make it wear a black shalwar kameez.

And by the way, white looks classier because not everyone can pull it off.

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