BJP Wins! Modi As PM Means More Abhinandans In Pakistan’s Custody

2019 Lok Sabha election results

Pakistan and India, the nations that stand always on the verge of war, got their independence in 1947. The two neighboring countries are geographically contagious and share somehow the same culture. The moot point between the countries is the Kashmir issue, which is hampering their relations since 1947.

Five years ago, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) made its government across India and the reign of Narendra Modi started. On the swearing ceremony, BJP invited Pakistani Prime Minister – which served as the last invitation in those 5 years. Being a conservative party, BJP played its role in further souring Pakistan and India relations.

Indians are chowkidars, really?

With the Indian elections finally over, BJP has come back into power. Well for many, BJP’s win was sure owing to its filthy selling of anti-Pakistani narrative with a lot of lies. The world knows how many times the Indian government has duped their public by telling them lies against Pakistan. However, not only the world but so-called Indian intellectuals also know the truth that Pakistan is their nightmare.

Anyhow, coming to the recent win of the BJP, the win of BJP means the loss of India. Look at the last five years, India lost several skirmishes against Pakistan. Moreover, BJP wins, which means more Abhinandans getting caught by the brave Pakistani army.

Indian killings of Pakistani Trees

Modi and his liar party have spoken a plethora of lies against the land of pure in order to win the elections, which include fake surgical strikes and any more. Coming to surgical strikes, Pakistan lost several trees by the surgical strikes of Indian Air Force, sad isn’t it? In return, the narrative of Modi and party sold in India was quite shady. Ironically, Modi’s surgical strike killed 100 terrorists in Pakistan, but maybe, trees are considered terrorists in India.

Pakistan did defend itself and caught not only the infamous spy Kulbushan Yadav but India Airforce hero Abhinandan too. Unlike India, Pakistan just didn’t play the game of words and statements but showed the world what he got and how he defended itself. Are you excited about Modi’s win, if not, you better be because more Abhinandans and Indian unconditional planes are ready to be caught?

Planes like this

BJP wins ignite fear in India Muslims

Well, Pakistan is having fun with the win of Modi because Pakistan knows how to handle such creepy chaps, but it is worrisome for Indian Muslims. in the past five years of BJP, Muslims have witnessed several atrocities. Violence in Kashmir soared; cow slaughter ban and several instances of Hindu Muslim encounters have occurred.

People Are Worried About The Muslims of India

True that

Yeah, best wishes.

Not only Muslims but Dalits too be vulnerable

The Future Of India And Pakistan

Well, the future depends on the broken and fragile shoulders of Narendra Modi. If Modi does not want to see the disgrace any further from Pakistan, he must resolve the issue of Kashmir and acknowledge the strength of Pakistan. Hopefully, Modi will go and take a swim in the Ganges river for lying so much against Pakistan for his win in the elections. Not only this, but he shall change his granny like foreign minister Sushma Swaraj on war-footings to avoid further disgrace.

On a serious note, war is not an option. DG ISPR, Asim Ghafoor also shared the narrative of peace and not war. India needs to recognize the growing relations of Pakistan and China along with the strategic importance of Pakistan in the region. She needs to shed her dream of becoming the regional power as it is impossible owing to the presence of China and Pakistan. She should adhere to an amicable policy. Otherwise, poverty will grow more and more and toilets will shrink furthermore in India. *Mic drop!*

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