People Have A Surprising Theory Related To The Bahawalpur Incident And It Will Rattle Your Mind

About six days ago a horrifying incident took place in Bahawalpur which took more than 160 lives in just a matter of few minutes. The Bahawalpur oil tanker incident, which was covered by worldwide media, is one of appalling incidents in Pakistan, and probably even Asia. A large group of people who gathered to extract oil from a turned-over tanker suddenly caught fire and blew up. The fire is said to be caused by a lighted cigarette which was caught by the oil fumes, thrown by a person who themselves could not live to see the gravity of his “sin”. Now, after almost a week people are coming up with bizarre theories about the incident which would surely rattle your minds!

Trending on Twitter and on Facebook is a story about blasphemy killing that occurred almost five years ago. The story goes on like this:

The Person Even Quotes A BBC Article To Prove His Theory

Must Read The Last Line Again

Not only this, but on Facebook a similar post is being shared. Here it is:

“From the Loudspeakers of a Mosque

July 6,2012: Ahmadpur East
On an allegation of burning the pages of the Quran,a mentally challenged man named Ghulam Abbas was arrested and brought to the police station.
Later,the mullah from the loudspeakers of the nearby mosque announced that a man had committed blasphemy and was in police lock-up. On that, the villagers got enraged,came out of their houses and blocked the main highway running through the town.They broke down the gates of the police station, took out the prisoner, threw petrol on him and burnt him alive. Approximately 2,000 enraged locals stood there until the man was completely burnt.

June 25,2017: Ahmadpur East
An oil tanker carrying 40,000 liters of fuel overturned after trying to make a sharp turn on the main highway. It was then that the local residents were told of the leaking fuel over loudspeakers from the nearby mosque prompting them to steal petroleum. A large crowd of people, including women and children carrying bottles, pots, buckets and other home utensils gathered at the scene to collect the leaked oil. And then when someone tried to make the hole in the oil tank wider with a hammer, the oil caught fire.The tanker exploded and a huge fireball enveloped the people around.
More than 155 people were burnt alive not very far from the scene where Ghulam Abbas was burnt alive 5 years ago!
Waseem Altaf
(Note:I am a man of science, and therefore, I urge my readers not to draw any metaphysical inferences from the above.)
اس پوسٹ کا مرکزی خیال صرف یہ ہے کہ مولوی جسکے ایک ہاتھ میں مائک اور دوسرے میں کلاشنکوف ہو وہ سیدھے سادے لوگوں کو بھٹکا کر ناقابل تلافی نقصان پہنچا سکتا ہے – براے مہربانی ان دو سانحات کو جو محض تحصیل احمدپور میں پیش آے اور جن کا آپس میں کوئی علت و معلول کا تعلق نہیں بلکہ محض اتفاق ہے’ کو توہم اور مابعد الطبیا تی عناصر سے منسلک نہ کیا جائے! میں آج کی پوسٹ میں اس پہ تفصیلی بحث کروں گا –“

It is not up to us to form any connection to such theories however, if there is a supernatural one then this is one of the oddest set of events that have taken place in Bahawalpur and Pakistan. Regardless, there is a lesson buried in these stories for all of us and only those who care enough would be able to realize it.

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