COVID-19 Pandemic & The Bittersweet Effects Of Quarantine

pandemic effects Quarantine

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This story has been submitted by Dr. Sara Sajjad.

As the COVID-19 pandemic educed quarantine and its effects prevail, life has come to a standstill. The everyday humdrum of life has ceased beyond one’s abode. Apart from tackling the rampant spread of the virus, staying at home for elongated periods of time too has been a challenge. So far, the past few months have been sour for most people.

Some have mustered the courage to venture beyond the confines of their homes to work or for daily errands. Life has been transformed in ways that could not be fathomed before. While some changes have been for the better, others have brought out a very basic instinct of human nature; to survive in the toughest of conditions.

And so, in our relentless efforts to survive, we have learned to adapt and acclimatize to life’s variations.

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COVID-19 & quarantine

Scarcity breeds value and humans are compelled to value things that are rare and acquired through toil. With the rising scarcity of ordinary things such as dining out, we have come to value the simple nuances of life. We now find joy in mundane activities.

Suffices to say quarantine has forced us to appreciate what we previously took for granted, reshaping our perspective of life. Spending an increasing amount of time indoors has driven us to value relationships with family and friends and fostered a better sense of wellbeing.

More so, difficult times have warranted us to work together as a community and paved the way for a collective conscience.

We have embraced the novice way of life with open arms. Change has become a part of our life in ways that are apparent and simultaneously subtle. Apart from the preventative measures that most are abiding by, most are still cringed by the fear of contracting the virus. And so, in our efforts to remain ‘healthy’ during the pandemic, we have nonchalantly come to terms with the fact that life, as it is, will continue within limitations we have constructed for our own good.

Gone are the days when life was once boisterous and full of outdoor activities. Most activities now take place within the confines of our homes. Engulfed in our efforts to keep our empty minds busy admits the crisis. We wait for a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel and hope to keep up with our struggles. After all, in times like this hope makes life a little less bleak and a lot more serene.


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As our reality becomes increasingly virtual with the advent of online applications to meet our daily necessities (whether it is to purchase groceries or take a virtual tour of a museum) our inherent sense of appreciation of the outdoors has amplified. Nature seems to have regained its appeal and outdoor activities such as taking a brisk walk or playing a sport seem to be enticing. Apparently, during a pandemic, the allure of ordinary life seems extraordinary in quarantine as it effects us.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic is the first of its kind, history is replete of examples of plagues and diseases blighting the very existence of human beings. The crux of our existence has always been questioned and will continue to be.

Rest assured, with every new challenge that ensues as the COVID-19 pandemic progresses, we will adapt, learn, and grow along the way. By reminiscing about the past and preparing ourselves for the future, our quest to survive will continue. Life will change and evolve but every change will beckon us to take a step forward. As uncertainties about the future prevail we will be certain about the only thing we know which is change. 


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