This Girl Sparked the Debate of Biryani With Aloo or Without Aloo And Changed Everything to a Battlefield! 

Warning: This article is not recommended for the Karachiite readers with an aloo-craving emotional heart.

When it comes to a debate between Karachi and Lahore, biryani is one of the many topics which cannot and must not be left out. With aloo or without aloo – Karachiites and Lahoris always bring this topic to the table when proving which city is superior to the other.

A few days ago, social media fanatics were eagerly indulged in this topic once again – and we don’t even have PSL to thank for that. Alongside the Lahoris and the Karachiites, biryani lovers from all over Pakistan used their Twitter accounts to make their favorite plate of biryani win – with aloo or without aloo.

It All Started When Manal Aijaz Posted a Poll On her Twitter Account

With the handle of @meemelif, Manal posted a poll with the threatening warning. The Karachiite mentioned that whichever option loses, will go out of the race forever.

The length of the poll was on 5 days. During a span of 5 days, a total of 6362 Pakistanis participated in the poll.

There Were Days When Biryani With Aloo was Leading

And Then There Were Days When Without Aloo Biryani was Leading

For 5 Days, the Pakistani Twitter Space Was Seen Taking this Poll EXTREMELY Seriously!

New Ideas Were Floating




So After the 5-Day-Long Debate, the Poll Finally Came to an End

Winning with 2% more votes, here’s a plate of the winner…Biryani…WITHOUT aloo!

There Were Victory Celebrations Everywhere!



Some Just Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes

Now that it has been settled, we finally pass the petition of removing aloo from all sorts of biryanis served at all sorts of restaurants spread all over Pakistan.

We have officially announced that there is no such thing has biryani WITH aloo (LOL WTF) and therefore, Fatah haqq ki hoi.

Congratulations to all the real biryani lovers. <3

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