[Video] Birthday Party in Hyderabad Goes Horribly Wrong as It Leaves a Boy in Flames!

Birthday parties are always fun! Everyone looks forward to celebrating it with their loved ones be it, friends or family. The trend of celebrating birthdays in Pakistan is now increasing as many restaurants and cafes now offer special packages and arrangements if one is looking forward to throwing a surprise party for their special one.

However, fate is not always in favor. Many a time, people tend to overlook these matters and not focus on preventive measures in case, something goes horribly wrong. When you have candles and flammable items around you, you should extra careful. Recently, a footage emerged online where a group of friends was seen celebrating a birthday. The video shows the birthday boy sitting and ready to cut the cake when suddenly the snow spray burst into flames when it sprayed on the boy. The boy was engulfed in flames and the birthday party went horribly wrong!

Here’s the video when the incident took place:

BEWARE EVERYONE! Snow spray caught fire when a group of boys were celebrating a friend’s birthday in Hyderabad. Be cautious & Spread the video. #TimesOfKarachi

Posted by The Times of Karachi on Monday, November 27, 2017

However, according to sources, the young boy is safe but has suffered a few injuries, especially on his ears. We’re glad he is fine.

Who would think that a thing like this would happen? Everyone thinks that birthday parties are safe. Wrong. Snow spray and silly strings are highly flammable and will catch fire instantly. Safety checks are important. The next time you’re throwing someone a party, please think about your loved ones. Let’s not risk anyone’s life merely by celebrating birthday parties by showing carelessness and not planning accordingly.

Don’t forget to share this with your loved ones and raise awareness. The next time you want to celebrate someone’s birthday, please be careful.

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