WATCH: Huge Billboard Falls On Motorcyclist As It Rains Cats & Dogs In Karachi

billboard falls rains karachi

The monsoon rains have entered Pakistan and they have been taking the country by absolute storm. Out of all the cities, the one that bears the brunt, as always, is Karachi. Yesterday, it rained cats and dogs in Pakistan’s metropolitan city, causing great concern for the people of the city. Due to heavy rains, a billboard falls on the motorcyclist in Karachi.

Even though billboards have been banned from Karachi, it seems like a few remain in the outset one of which fell due to the rains. While it was showering endlessly, one motorcyclist suffered had to suffer the wrath of nature while riding his bike, minding his own business.

WATCH: Billboard falls on a motorcyclist in Karachi

In the video, the strength of the rain can be seen evidently as the billboard falls on the unaware motorcyclist due to the heavy rains in Karachi. The unaware motorcyclist can be seen riding peacefully, trying to avoid the slippery road, when all of a sudden, the billboard comes crashing down. The stray billboard falls on the motorcyclist, making him crash down on the pavement of the main road.

Thankfully, no cars were in close proximity to the rider or the billboard. As per the news received from The News’ Waqar Bhatti, the incident took place near Avari Towers, Karachi when the billboard fell due to the rains. Furthermore, the motorcyclist, thankfully, has also survived the fatal billboard accident. Previously, the MET department had already issued a warning regarding the monsoon rains.

It is now the diligence of the Sindh Govt to remove remaining billboards, at least for the latter period of the monsoon season.

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