First Pakistani Startup Receives Funding From Gates Foundation!

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The startup culture in Pakistan has taken off to a newer scale with many ideas materializing into massive successes. Tech startups in particular collected millions of dollars from the investors; local and foreigners, both. In addition, a smart-bus-hailing startup – Airlift became the first Pakistani startup to raise the largest funding of $12 Million. Now, another tech-initiative by the name SurveyAuto made headlines; another ‘first’ in the Pakistani Startup Game.

SurveyAuto; First Pakistani Startup to receive funding directly from Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Pakistani Startup Gates Foundation


Artificial intelligence is no longer a pipe dream but has become a reality; being integrated into various applications and workings. The question of whether the future of many jobs is at stake because of AI is still unanswered. However, Dr.Umar Saif, founder and CEO, is ready to disrupt a $75 Billion market research industry by introducing AI models for better and hassle-free data collection.

Expert claim SurveyAuto to be an “uber” for field data collection.

The future of surveys is no longer manual with SurveyAuto. How? The startup relies on the input or reporting of data through smartphones from the local community members. An industry expert who is in tune with the workings of SurveyAuto said, “What Uber has done to taxi services, they are aiming to do the same to traditional market research companies like Neilsen and Gallup.” A perfect summation of Umar Saif’s initiative.

The founder himself broke his company’s tasks down into simpler terms. He said, “SurveyAuto uses a crowd sourcing model and relies on machine learning to decide who reports data, where it is collected, and when and how often it is reported. This reduces cost and minimizes human errors,”

SurveyAuto Pakistani Startup


In addition to crowd-sourcing, SurveyAuto also uses machine learning on satellite imagery and utilizes street maps. Basically, it helps pinpoint the exact location by opening up the targetted area that can be accessed from anywhere around the world. Moreover, in order to keep the quality of data in check, the providers are monitored in real-time using smartphones; while speech and image analysis are analyzed for maximum accuracy of data.

AI and the future of Pakistan in tech.

Automation is the present and the future. Menial tasks have already been automated with cutting-edge technology and solutions; now, the tech world is headed towards automating bigger tasks as well – with Artificial Intelligence slowly and gradually taking the lead. The field of surveys, data collection, and compilation wasn’t tapped into by tech leaders. However, Pakistan has taken a great initiative backed by the Gates Foundation.

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Bill gates invested $200Million in Ehsaas Program and now, Umar Saif’s startup is another feather in the cap. This is a great step forward for not only this Pakistani startup that will be globally recognized in the coming times but also for Pakistan; Since it reinforces the country’s impressive growth in terms of successful-startup-culture.

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