Coronavirus Is Sent To Remind Us Of Key Lessons We Have Forgotten: Gates

bill gates coronavirus

Bill Gates, Co-founder Microsoft Corporation, has donated up to £85 million to help fight the war against the novel coronavirus pandemic. In his most recent interview, the multi-billionaire has said there is “a spiritual purpose behind everything that happens.”

“Despite the inflicting chaos, there is always a spiritual purpose behind everything that’s happening,” claimed Gates.

Spiritual impetus behind the coronavirus

Gates has said in the interview that his meditation of the past few days remains quite fruitful in revolutionizing his thoughts. He postulates certain aspects that have also supported his claim.

According to him, the coronavirus reminds us that “we all are equal in this world. Whether it be rich or poor, this virus certainly does not influence people on discrimination. As we suffer together, the crisis has brought has close to each other.” Here, Gates also gives the example of actor Tom Hanks, who has been recently tested positive for COVID-19.

bill gates coronavirus

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He claims the virus surely prompts us to probe for what is the essence of our life. With the phase of our life gradually diminishing, we must do what is important for us and help others, especially those who are sick, Gates added.

Importantly, the latter also highlighted society’s materialistic approach to perceive things. Ever since the virus outspread, people have been hell-bent on buying toilet rolls, sanitizers, etc. When on the other hand, people forget the essentials like food, water, medicine, and aiding the less privileged.

Most of all, the lockdown due to the catastrophic outspread has pushed us back to our homes, said Gates. This, nevertheless, teaches us the value of spending time with our family and rebuilding the relationships which once shattered.

bill gates coronavirus

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Imparting light on our responsibilities

Gates professes that the virus is our corrector as it reminds us how to use the right of our freewill. Instead of abandoning all hopes and being selfish, we can work to cooperate and help each other, and support others in times of need.

Shedding light on the environmental situation, he thinks that the global epidemic nudges us to pay attention to Earth. Looking at the rate at which deforestation is occurring, it is up to humanity to ail our sick home and not stockpile toilet rolls from shelves.

Gates hopes that unlike every other crisis, this phase too shall pass if we avoid panicking and inducing fear.


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