‘Bilawal Nay Karachi Walon Ki Pyaas Bujhadi’ – WATCH Aamir Liaquat Trolling Sindh Govt In His Style

Bilawal Aamir Liaquat Sindh Government
The recent rains in Karachi look like one of the worst rains ever to hit the city. As a result, the lives of the people of Karachi are at stake now. Adding fuel to fire, many areas of Karachi are still deprived of electricity. The present situation of Karachi is the collective failure of the Sindh government.

As the citizens of Karachi got devastated due to heavy rainfall, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) member and TV host Amir Liaquat shared a series of videos on his Twitter account. In one of the videos, the MNA can be seen as making a comment on the poor state of the city in the aftermath of the rain. He could be heard in this video saying, “Bilawal nay Karachi walon ki pyaas bujhadi hai [Bilawal has quashed the thirst of the people of Karachi]“.  In another hilarious video, he is seen diving in the standing rainwater where he looks for the lost money. He also brags about his strength to hold breathing after he comes out of the water. After emerging from the water, Liaquat could be heard as saying: “I am still in my prime; I can still hold my breath for quite some time.”

Apparently, the TV host was looking for the money that he had lost in the rainwater. Meanwhile, social media users are having a field day after Liaquat uploaded the video. A twitter user said: “Aamir Bhai we get refreshed through your wit and sarcasm. Please keep us entertained with your funny videos”. A Twitter user was spotted as saying “Aamir Bhai, is this gutter? You will soon find Bhutto inside it.” Another Twitter user was spotted as saying “Everything got drowned but nothing happened to the camera. This is perfect drama.”

Aamir Liaquat asks PM Imran to impose governor rule in Sindh

Apart from the video tweets, Liaquat also pleaded PM Imran Khan to impose governor rule in Sindh. Aamir Liaquat made this plea on his official Twitter account. He said, “My beloved Prime Minister. I am Aamir, your chosen MNA from Karachi that has been ignored. I am sorry for you. It is your love and appreciation that has brought me to this party. No one has sent me here. You fought for me. However, the people of Karachi are destroyed due to the negligence of this incompetent Sindh government. I request you to please impose governor rule in Sindh.”

It is evident that Liaquat cannot bear to see the suffering of Karachi. His frustration at the current state of affairs of the Sindh government reflects the displeasure of a common Karachi citizen.  What do you think of this story? Let us know in the comments section below!
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