Rolls-Royce Of Bikes: Meet The Pakistani Who Owns This Crazy Bicycle Worth Rs. 24 Lacs

Watch: You Can Pick This 24 Lakhs Cycle With Only Two Fingers!

COVID-19 pandemic has brought the rise in many activities that were long forgotten. From gardening to hand made decorative items, people around us are picking up hobbies to entertain themselves amid lockdown.

Similarly, cycling is one activity that has seen a rise in Pakistani leisure activities. Likewise, a guy from Lahore has bought a 24 lakhs worth cycle proving that you can’t put a price on passion!

A 24 lakhs worth cycle

In conversation with Daily Pakistan, Faisal Shabbir a resident of Lahore said that he is passionate about cycling and according to his this is a good investment towards his health.

Image: Daily Pakistan

“This is one of the best cycles available in the world. It is so light that you can pick it up with only 2 fingers.”

“This is a road bike and is immensely popular. It is also considered to be one of the most expensive bikes in the world.”

When asked why would anyone buy such an expensive bike, Faisal said, “Everyone wants the best. Its a matter of affordability, if you want a car you want the best car you can afford, similarly I have a passion for cycles.”

The Rolls Royce of cycles

Image: Daily Pakistan

This cycle is purely made of carbon fiber and thus is extremely lightweight. “You can pick it up with two fingers only.” Its lightweight structure provides a smooth and speedy ride. The bike named Pinarello Dogma f12 is listed online for a whopping $6500!

The tires installed in this cycle are Zipp company’s tires. ZIPP is known worldwide for its high-end wheels for road, triathlon and track cycling. These tires are also made from Carbon fiber so they don’t add any weight.

Lastly, Faisal said that as of now, this is the most expensive cycle in all of Lahore.

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Source: Daily Pakistan

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