Dreams Broken, No More Saudi Prince Charming Available! The New Saudi Law Disappoints Many.

Saudi Marriage Laws


The charming prince now seems further away from the reach of all the single ladies with the heart breaking news of the recent law announced by the Saudi Government. In such times of atrocities, the heart goes out for the girls who dream of an Arab prince riding a camel to come take them to the land of date farms and high walled palaces. Oh well, love always had it tough in our part of the world.

Saudi Arabia new law has been trending in the news worldwide, shattering dreams and well marriage plans at a rate that rose by the minute. According to this law, Saudi men cannot marry a woman from a few countries, including Bangladesh, Pakistan and Burma. In addition to that, the Moroccan dreamers got a little lucky with get away with just a few restrictions keeping them eligible to hope.

The life changing transformation from a rotten Pakistani to a wife of a Saudi Prince, clad in a gem studded veils, is not a possibility anymore, after all Pakistani women are the worst that could happen to the Royalty anyway. The eligible candidates at Pakistani end of the string posses the skills to cook, clean and do anything and everything to run the household and trust me on this that they have been trained since the age it was possible for them to learn such potential threats to the Saudi prosperity. The cooked spices and a Pakistani wife’s tender care will definitely be survival challenge for the Arab counterpart competing with her, therefore the Government thought of it as the best possible way to ease the tension in every other castle.

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Now that the holy men clad in white are out of sight, all we forbidden females can do is replace them with a local candidate in those dreams of a happy ending. Coming to terms with the shocking reality would be hard but let us just face it rationally and let it be the first steps towards a life without oil wells and captivation in walled compounds. An imported Arab of an husband can never be matched with a local prince who has no heaped gold for his numerous wives, but still he can definitely cater to a toned version of such romanticized aspirations. The Pakistani bride will now have to compromise on a room to wall her and a simple veil to keep her hidden away from the patriarchal world. All the recipes which were transferred down from the great grandmothers can now be used effectively to please the in-laws, with a little courage on the side. Practice can definitely make the struggling brides patient in such testing times, Pakistanis are good at compromising after all.

Hang in there ladies, Omar Burakah was not there to come wed us anyway. Now that we have the Pakistani picture of tragedy somewhat clear, let us hope for the Burmese and Bangladeshi fellows to keep up with the bitter reality at hand. Wishing Saudi bachelors, ‘A Happy Arab After’.



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