Karachi Walon! Beware Of This Fraud Who Asks For Fuel Money On Different Roads


A victim of a scam shares his experiences and warns everybody to be aware of the fraud. According to the victim, there is a bald guy who stops people and asks them for money for fuel. Apparently, he runs out of fuel, and drops his wallet, and needs money to get home. It is a pattern!

A social media user shared an incident on a Facebook group called ‘Halaat Updates’. While narrating his experience, the user shares that he was intercepted by him the first time in Gulistan-e-Johar, Munawar Chowrangi where he parked the car across the road. He walked towards him while he had stopped to buy fruit.

The man told him that he dropped his walled, and requested him for Rs 1000 for fuel so he could get home. Seeing his car, and evaluating the current fuel cost, the poster gave him Rs500. According to him, he could still make 40 km and safely get the man to almost any part of the city.

Beware Of This Fraud Who Asks For Fuel Money On Different Roads
Source: Facebook

However, the poster shares that he was still skeptical. The man gave his blessings to the poster’s wife, and said that may God never put them in a situation where they need to go to someone on the road and ask for fuel money like this. Nonetheless, the poster gave him the money, and the man took it ‘without a word of thanks and drove off’.

Here comes another encounter with the same man

A few days later, the same gentleman drove next to the poster’s car on Teen Talwar. The man waved at him to lower his window. The poster says that at first he did not recognize him immediately.

He rolled down his window, and the man said that he is going home from the office, and does not have enough fuel. This happened around 5 in the evening, and the man then again asked for Rs1000.

Source: Facebook

The moment he asked for money, the poster and his wife recognized him from the other day. In addition to this, the man adds that his wife elbowed him and whispered, “This is the same bald man from the other day.”

Moreover, the poster categorically asked him if his fuel has finished. e replied yes. He then asked him to bring his car forward so he could peak into his instrument cluster, and actually see his fuel gauge at ‘E’.

Being caught off guard, the bald man refused and began driving off. However, he repeatedly asked him to park his aside so he could give him money after seeing the fuel gauge.

Imagine how many people he must have fooled…

In his heart, the poster knew that the man is lying, and did not intend to give him a dime. However, the fraud drove off.

The poster writes, “Can you imagine this guy driving around all day taking thousands of rupees from God knows how many unsuspecting kind hearted people and making a living out of this?”

And can you believe that this man owns a Toyota Corolla… So many people shed blood, sweat, and tears to make a life to afford this vehicle.

More details of the fraud man…

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

He is bald and has a squeaky voice. Vehicle registration: AQW-649. It is a Moonlight Silver Toyota Corolla Altis 2008 model.

Please beware, and if you see him, DO NOT give him even a rupee. Everybody needs to watch out for frauds like these.

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