12 Types Of People You Meet At Iftaar Parties

As the Holy month of Ramadan has arrived, the first thing that comes to your mind is ‘Iftar Party!’ Now, don’t deny it, but that’s the reality, isn’t it? The thought of being invited to an Iftar at your favorite uncle’s place is no less than a dream come true! I mean, who wouldn’t enjoy a lavish table filled with the most amazing food? *Muftaaaa Alerrrt*

But, you’re not the only one who’s invited. Your family and your uncle’s friends are invited too. Once you arrive at their place, here are the types of people you’ll bump into at an Iftar party:

1. The Diet Conscious Uncle

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This Uncle of your’s always complains about his gaining weight and how he aims to get a 6-pac! But once he hears the Maghrib azaan, he dives right in that plate of Qeema Samosas!

 2. The Judgemental Phuppo

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Little did you know, your phuppo has been invited too. She finds out that you’re not fasting(for obvious reasons, duh) and catches you while you sneak into the kitchen and a grab that heavenly pakora!

Source: All Things Pakistani Celebs

What’s your problem anyway?

4. The Khaapa Machine

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They just can’t control the amount of food they shove into their mouths. I mean, who is even watching? Really?

“Soch hai aapki“. 

5. The one who just can’t hold their horses

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After spending the whole day fasting, these people can’t wait for the last minute.

6. The Hangry One

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It’s better to actually avoid the ‘Hangry’ ones. Imagine cranky and moody like a 2-year-old.  Uh uh… you don’t want to mess with that person before Iftar.

7. The Shia Friend

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That moment when you have a Shia person there at the party who breaks their fast after a few minutes when you do and you think, “Should I eat or should I not?”

8. The Planner

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There are people who plan ahead of time. Seriously! And, I’m talking about planning on what to eat first at Iftar! Who does that?

9. The Bezaar Kid

There’s always this kid who is just zindagi se bezaar. And, that child no other option besides tagging along with his parents.

10. The Samosa Counter

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If those samosas are finger lickin’ good, you’ll find a person who is going to keep a good count on those samosas! No kidding. Do you do this as well, hm?

11. The Naisti

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Sleeping all day long and waking up just a minute before Iftar is what they do best! And here’s what they have to say: “Rozay ka pata hi nahi chala.” 

12. The Late Lateef

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That late lateef who leaves work a few minutes before Maghrib and barely makes it on time!

If you want to avoid these people during at an Iftar party, just don’t go to any! 😉

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