Your Favorite Variant Of Betty Crocker Cake Recipe Might Not Be Halal And Here’s Why!

It is a prior concern for every Muslim to inspect edible items for Halal verification. Muslims living in foreign countries are used to it, provided that they have different choices varying from what is Halal and what is Haram. However, there are certain food items that specifically are not known to be Halal, or their manufacturer’s do not confirm it.

We all are fond of cakes. There are many variants of cakes one can have and each and every variant is worth a try. You will find all types of cakes out there, enriched in some of the rarest ingredients as well as a blend of unique flavors.

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Some of us definitely have particular choices when it comes to cakes. There are some flavors we never seem to get enough of and are always looking to find. Many brands introduce different varieties of cakes in the market that are loved by people.

But one should never forget to confirm their favorite cake or cake recipe is Halal. Lately, someone shared a screenshot, where they tried to confirm if a particular variant of a cake recipe prepared by the famous brand Betty Crocker was Halal or not.

Source: Betty Crocker

Source: Betty Crocker

They claim of research by another website that investigated the particular variant of a cake recipe and reportedly declared it as ‘not Halal’.

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The person decided to confirm it by personally writing an email to Betty Crocker.

Here is what Betty Crocker replied:

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Betty Crocket officially confirmed the presence of Haram substance, which is alcohol, in the particular recipe. They did not choose to deny it and rather openly stated that it contains alcoholic ingredients.

Proving that the Betty Crocker variant of cakes is most definitely not Halal.

Source: Betty Crocker UK

Source: Betty Crocker UK

It brings so many questions. Why did the brand not choose to declare it in the first place and openly sold a product that is loved and used by masses, Muslims in particular? Considering, their customer range must vary from Muslims to non-Muslims and they should not have ignored the prior concerns of Muslims who avidly enjoy their products.

Not the first time a famous product has been branded Haram. If you remember, “Pop Tarts”, it was allegedly banned from markets because it reportedly contained Haram ingredients as well.

We request you to be careful before choosing what to eat. You can always choose the certified Halal alternative products. Should you have consumed a Haraam food item without knowing about it, you are not to be blamed.

However, should you continue to consume it regardless, you are absolutely responsible for it.

We intend to spread awareness and educate the masses about eating certain food items carefully. Hope our attempt will make a difference in spreading awareness.

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