Best Wedding Photos Of 2016 In The World

With 2016 coming to an end, the wedding season is at the peak. Before we wrap up this year and all the beautiful moments that happened, let’s take a moment to appreciate the new trends in the world of ‘weddings’ that were amazing to glance upon through images that went viral on the internet.

Weddings are one of the most important days in people’s lives. It is the moment when two souls vow to become one and spend the rest of their lives hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder. Indeed, it requires a lot of effort and compromise. It is important to make sure that you make this day one of the most memorable days of your life. In order to do that, the wedding photo shoots need to be perfect.

The trends and images of weddings this year gained extreme popularity around the world and let’s be honest, some of them were exceptionally terrific! As we move forward to another year and loads of weddings still left, here are some of the best wedding pictures from this year that can be used as ideas for your photo shoot.

#FollowMeTo Wedding Picture

Insta: @Follometo

Insta: @Followmeto

Murad Osmann alongside his now-wife Natalia Zakharova started the trend of Follow Me To images on their Instagram account and it took the social media on by storm. The couple went to different places around the world and took pictures in the same concept – even when Murad proposed to Natalia and when they got married as well.

The concept was largely adopted in a number of weddings around the world and was photographed in a beautiful manner.

Bride And Groom Dancing At Their Wedding

Weddings in the West are filled with moments of joy and happiness. The receptions, the rehearsal dinners and the final dance of the bride and groom are worth looking at. Couples share a special moment when they are on the dance floor and they have to dance hand in hand as the beginning of the new chapter in their lives.

Into The Wild Wedding Shot

There is nothing more fun and thrilling than having a photo shoot of one of the most memorable days of your life in the aspects of nature, especially if you and your partner love it.

There is nothing more fascinating than having images taken with the naturally beautiful and gifted props, locations, and flowers.

I forgot to mention animals. Especially the animals, that can be very scary…

Insta: @busangphotography

Insta: @busangphotography

As I said, one’s wedding is a very memorable day and people make it memorable even when it seems scary at first.

The Famous Pakistani Wedding Shoots

Insta: Niche lifestyle

Insta: Niche lifestyle

The wedding of Ammar and Anusha Munib was all over social media and was labeled as “Pakistan’s longest wedding” and “wedding of the year”. During all the events that took place, indeed a number of beautiful moments were captured.

Insta: desidesireattire

Insta: desidesireattire

While the wedding shoot have not been shared with media yet, the images we saw on social media were enough to judge how fascinating the wedding was.

The Desi Wedding Images

Desi weddings are a joy to watch and can be a pain to participate in as well. There are so many events that we need to prepare ourselves, we are eventually worn out when the wedding ends. However, all of this is what makes our weddings so memorable. Not to forget the amazing photoshoots our extremely talented photographers carry out.

Irfan Ahson

Irfan Ahson

Taken in a beautiful setting, the typical pose in the desi weddings couldn’t be more beautifully captured.

Irfan Ahson

Irfan Ahson

waseem photography

waseem photography

Indian weddings are also an amazing reflection of the desi culture and their practices have a whole new meaning to the definition of weddings.

Holi is one of the most celebrated events in the Indian culture and the importance of it can be seen on how families arrange a personal holi before the festivity of marriage.

Rings Pictures For Weddings

For the marriages in the Western cultures, the woman gives a ring band to her husband with her name engraved in it and a man gives a ring band to his wife with his name engraved in it. In addition to this, the man in the couple usually gives another ring to his wife-to-be as an engagement ring.



The Eastern culture practices ring exchanges on engagements or nikkah. The concept is beautifully captured by photographers around the world. The exchange of rings also happens to be an important event in many cultures around the world.

Rukhsaati Time

One of the most heart-wrenching moments for the bride and her family during the wedding in the Eastern culture is the time is set to leave the home. After spending years with their families, brides are wedded off to a whole new home and environment. A lot of women are scared with the notion of spending the new chapter of their life. Families shed tears on how they’ll miss the daughter of the house. Capturing tears during this moment results in a memorable moment to be remembered years down the lane.

The From-One-Man-To-Another Moments

From daddy’s princess to becoming a strong wife of someone, marriage is a whole new turning leaf for couples, especially for the daughters and fathers. Walking her down the aisle or sitting with her while she signs the nikkah-nama – fathers are expressionless during these moments; moments when their daughter leaves them to spend her life in another home. Capturing such moments are magical and extremely important, something that can be cherished in the future as well.

Weddings are very important and need to be captured to the fullest. Some people find spending money on photographers for expensive shoots expensive, but pictures are all we have to rejoice the ceremony after some years when we are dull and gray. Create memories and take pictures of each special moment that passes you by, for life is short and needs to be lived to the fullest. Capture your special day through magical wedding images using idea like these.





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