This Photographer Is Taking Wedding Photography in Pakistan to a Whole New Level!

One day when you’re ready to tie the knot, you will be increasingly bothered about one thing: who is going to be my wedding photographer?

You’re getting hitched, it’s a special moment and beyond everything, those dazzling wedding pictures would remain a special memory for you. Besides, you really need THAT DP now. Plus, your friends on Instagram await the special highlights of your wedding.

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Nobody gets married every day. It’s a one-off occasion for most of us and we are always on the look for the perfect arrangements. With that being said, photographs entail special importance in this regard because that is where all your memories come together.

Pakistanis are very peculiar about wedding photography. The conventional ways have been overused and people want new trends and styles now. Millions of photographers out there, however, your choices are narrowed when you’re looking for only the best in the business.

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The ingredients for impeccable wedding photography aren’t many. They are precisely a vision, an imagination and an innate genius of a photographer that allow the results to stand out and interestingly, the difference is very transparent.

For couples, it’s a whole adventure. The experience is exhilarating and joyous, especially when your photographer is uncompromising. Candid shots, off-camera-flash photography – it’s a different and crazy experience that couples absolutely adore.

See, a perfect tone of everything is set here. This is what you call wedding photography and not “terrible-photoshop-job.”

via: DossaniPlus Studio

We recommend you DossaniPlus Studio. It’s one of the best in the market with a good reputation. Kashif Dossani, a graduated photographer from a prestigious Canadian Photography school is actively pursuing his interests and making a difference out there with his work.

Kashif’s family has been engaged in the business since 1975, while he’s the second generation photographer.

We understand that sometimes it is hard to bring out the chemistry between the two of you with so many eyes watching you…

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There is a rave about him on an international level as well and he’s the finest you can find in Pakistan.

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He has a knack for capturing rare moments and an eye for turning a random moment into an effortless, candid shot that you go gaga about!

via: DossaniPlus Studio

And hey, you can request a female photographer too!

via: DossaniPlus Studio

Keep it different, keep the session enjoyable so that years after when you reflect upon it, you do it with a smile.

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