Best Tributes For Junaid Jamshed By His Fans You Need To Listen To

Best Tributes For Junaid Jamshed By His Fans You Need To Listen To

tribute to junaid jamshed

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Junaid Jamshed’s sad demise has left our nation in an epidemic of sadness and distress. In fact, the tragic disaster of PK-661 has left only adversities and sorrow for people, especially the friends and families of the deceased people.

The aftermath of the tragic disaster delivered many stories, enriched in emotions and which attended our deepest sentiments. We cannot help but mourn and remember the great people who were on board the ill-fated ATR aircraft.

Junaid Jamshed was a prominent figure that we saw since we were very young. He was one of the few artists that graced our industry with irreplaceable music. He led an era that our uplifted our music industry and inspired many artists to manifest their talent and opportunities.

This national disaster has suddenly struck us to realize what a gem we just lost in the name of Junaid Jamshed.

Tributes are pouring in since then. There have been many of them, dedicated and willed at best. Each tribute is enriched with a sensational appeal that was scattered by Junaid Jamshed and now our talented artists to follow.

You may have heard many tributes by now, but you cannot miss the following ones:

Such a soothing voice. One is indeed enthralled by the amazing, rhythmic voice. It certainly invigorates the sensations and does justice to the original version by Junaid Jamshed.

This is lovely! Truly, the acoustic beat synchronizes with the vocals so beautifully. It is one of the purest and mature covers of the original Dil Dil Pakistan!

Seriously, guys, I have not listened to a better cover of Aitebaar. We have been whistling the song but what it feels like to hear the magic delivered on keys is simply amazing. A well-spirited and dynamic tribute is certainly this one.

Hayeee! The tabla part was absolutely amazing and have a beautiful twist to the original version! But nothing can actually match the original one which was sung by the legend, Junaid Jamshed, himself.

Tributes shall keep on coming. We will keep remembering our national sensation, Junaid Jamshed in his absence. We must continue his legacy and remain vigilant of the values he believed in and the causes he actively pursued.
We must pray for all those who lost their lives and continue to remember them in polished terms.

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