Best Travel Vloggers In 2018 Who Promoted Pakistan’s Tourism!

Best travel vloggers in 2018

Tourism, by all standards, has been a major foreign exchange earner in more than half the global territories. Global economies owe a significant chunk of their GDPs {Gross Domestic Product(s)} to this activity alone.

Thus, nations endowed with nature-gifted beauty and luxuriant surroundings do endeavor to attract large crowds of visitors and travelers to their land. Our homeland, Pakistan, is no exception to this trend.

In search of new avenues of revenue, our field of tourism has been on the progressive side since quite a few years. So much so, that we have made positive efforts to let it evolve into a fully fledged industry.

As anticipated, we witnessed some of the best travel vloggers in 2018 who catered to our national exchequer as well as international repute.

Indeed, these foreign tourists of today who are better known as vloggers and bloggers, have fetched much good to our name and fame. Although, there is always room for melioration and improvement in any governmental sector while devising viable and workable strategies.

International Travelers To Pakistan: Has The Tide Turned For Us?

Travel and tourism are one of the world’s largest industries. This sector is considered a prime foreign revenue generator. According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, the proceeds from this quarter

“… surpass that of oil exports, ‎food products or automobiles.”

There are just so many benefits associated with this national sector that its overwhelming importance cannot be underrated. Listing a few, here are these stated below:

Economic Benefits Of Tourism: The Japanese Reaping Profits From An Advanced Industry

How Tourism Has An Important Share In Economy

Source: The Japan Times

  • Inbound tourism elevates the economic growth of the region

Tourism provides a high potential to support employment creation

  • It promotes cross-cultural understanding and compassion
  • Tourism acts as a driver of peace and security through the territory
  • It encourages cultivation and sharing of local traditions, food, rites, and festivals

So, were we up to the mark while hosting some of the best travel vloggers in 2018?

Let’s be honest with this. Can we now safely claim that Pakistan is finally about to become tourism’s next big thing?

Although we may seem far from this notion, we can still turn this into an attainable reality quite soon. With clear intention, apt strategies and transparent approach, we are all ready to come off with flying colors.

Ask any sage person and he would tell you that the 1st step towards resolving a problem is actually realizing it in the first place. The general remarks that nearly every touring outsider leaves behind are more than encouraging.

According to them, Pakistan possesses breathtaking landscapes, jaw-dropping scenic beauty, and great people, too.  Sadly enough, this pretty picture has a grim face to it on the other side.

Terrorism Can Be Detrimental To Tourism: Are We In For A Comeback?

The Tourism Industry Needs Peace To Thrive

Source: Nikkei Asian Review

For one thing, acts of terrorism or political upheaval are always deemed unexpected and unforeseeable events. Adding icing to the cake, religious extremism is rampant in our society that mars our national image all the more.

We, as Pakistanis, have witnessed some of the grisliest periods in our national history. Though only a pea-sized minority is engaged in these gruesome activities, even 0.1% of the possibilities of putting your life or freedom on stake is sufficient reason to opt for any other beautiful destination.  It is a sorrowful fact of how one half-wit can spoil the lives of several innocent.

Best Travel Vloggers In 2018: The Sunnier Side Of Pakistan

Things could be changing over drastically for Pakistan, and for good. Now, our country could be on the brink of something special happening sooner enough.

Our current Premier is committed to reviving and revamping tourism to help produce revenue for a prosperous state. As such, we opened our doors wide in inviting foreign visitors alongside our local tourism gentry.

Going by the trend, today’s travelers are more of bloggers with their travel video updates, ably edited and mixed to share over various social media platforms.

Here are some of the best travel vloggers in 2018, showcasing Pakistan like never before:

Eva Zu Beck

This awesome lady vlogger has not only restricted herself to making travel videos. As a matter of fact, she takes you on an exotic journey, experienced like that of a story.In all of her vlogs, she stimulates you with her powerful narration, making the audience fall in love with the exquisiteness that constitutes Pakistan.

Eva’s adventuresome spirit escorts her to the most distant areas of Pakistan with her co-actions. The way she reveals our scenic secrets and provides us reasons for her love to travel are all worth watching and listening to.


Best Travel Vloggers In 2018 Swiftly Turning Pakistan Into Tourism Haven

Source: Unearth Women

Rosie Gabrielle

“Pakistan is a safe country for tourists”, remarks Rosie as she cruises across Pakistan on her motorbike. The lady is a Canadian vlogger who travels around the world on her motorbike.

She captures and uploads her experiences on her Instagram and YouTube accounts. Ever since she arrived in Pakistan, she has been warmly welcomed by everybody, collecting the best experience of her life.

Rosie has been to Lahore, Swat, Kasur, and Multan, and is on her way around Pakistan on her motorbike. She has come to appreciate the level of comfort she feels at Pakistan that is the outcome of hospitality and generosity of the people.

In her vlog commentary, she esteems the lavish civilization, history, and architecture of Pakistan while visiting its beautiful places. At another instance, she was found confirming this:

“There are no words in the English language that can describe the essence of the Pakistani people.”


Best Travel Vloggers In 2018 Swiftly Turning Pakistan Into Tourism Haven

Source: People Magazine Pakistan

Alex Reynolds

We saved Alex as our last foreign personality to terminate our discussion, and not without a reason. She happens to be the sole international vlogger, traveling to Pakistan and getting on with a critical mindset.

She took a wise step in not raising the issue in front of the highest tier of government officials and silenced herself. But, she later vented her sentiments in her video that went viral in no time.

In that video, she conveyed her message of how Pakistan was not an easy country for foreign tourists. In her video critique, she lashed out at our local security agencies, unknowing their undeterred psyche. When it comes to harassment and vexation by the agencies, not even the local public is spared, let alone a fair-skinned feminine tourist.

All said we should also take stock of the fact that there are black sheep living in every family. The correct way of resolving this is that we shouldn’t be bogged down by such notorious elements of our society.

Alex Reynolds Sparks Up Controversy On Social Media: When Frustration Hath No Remorse!

Best Travel Vloggers In 2018 Swiftly Turning Pakistan Into Tourism Haven

Source: OpenWorld Magazine

In Alex’s own words, Pakistan is a “… really cool country and has a lot of potential for Tourism”.

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