8 Best Times To Make Dua As Proposed By Scholars!

best times to make dua

The Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam) indicated that there are specific and best times to make dua (supplication) which is more likely to be accepted by Allah. It is a direct link to God Almighty and in those four or five minutes of Dua, a person can speak of anything.

May it be something that is stressing them, something they want to thank Allah for, or even a simple conversation with Him, Duas for Muslims provide hope that no other person can. Allah stresses our need to keep a constant conversation with Him through Duas and even says that He will remember those who remember Him.

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8 Best Times To Make Dua

However, have you ever wondered what would be the best time in a day when your prayer or Dua would be most effective? Here is what the authors of the compiled Ahadiths have for this, the best times to make dua:

1. In The Last Third Of The Night (Sahih Bukhari)


For those who do not know, the last third part of the night can be calculated by counting the hours between the Maghrib and Fajr Azaan. Dividing the time into three parts, the last part is the last third of the night. That is when Tahajjud prayer is performed and that is why a Dua in Tahajjud is effective.

2. During Sujood (Sahih Muslim)

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A dua that is never rejected is in sajda, or prostration, which is the greatest form of the show of vulnerability. The posture proves that an individual has completely submitted themselves to Allah Almighty, and they accept Him as The Supreme.

3. During Adhaan and Iqamah (Sahih Tirmidhi)


There is a special Dua reserved for every time an Adhaan is called out. However, bear in mind that it would be highly effective if one continues on to praying as well, rather than just making a Dua and leaving after Adhaan.

4. Dua After Obligatory Prayers (Found in Tirmidhi)

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Allah loves hearing from a person who speaks to Him after they have performed an obligatory duty to Allah. To speak to Him after performing one of the five obligatory prayers is the time of the day when your Dua can be most effective.

5. During Rainfall (Found in Ibn Majah, and Abu Dawud)

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Rainfall is a blessing from Allah; for countries with warm and dry climates, it certainly is. Perhaps rainfall is the time when Allah is most pleased with His people. To make dua during rainfall and to ask something from Him during that time is an effective one.

6. Dua While Travelling (Found in Sahih Tirmidhi)

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On the move and traveling to places, why not converse with your God and tell Him about your wishes? Seems like a nice idea.

7. When Breaking A Fast (Found in Tirmidhi)

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As previously mentioned, Allah loves hearing Duas that come after performing an obligatory duty. Fasting is one of the 5 pillars of Islam; considered among the highest form of worship, nothing is better than making a Dua in Ramadan on an empty stomach even though you know food is on a plate in front of you. It is one of the best times to make dua.

8. After Sending Blessings On The Prophet (PBUH)

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To show respect to our beloved Prophets, there are different versions of Durood. It has been told that Allah loves the moment when a person is making Dua for His Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), He is most pleased at that point. Therefore, asking Him after that can be an effective time to make Dua.

Allah has provided us with so many occasions in a day during which He is most pleased to hear from His creations. Allah Almighty gives us chance after chance to make our lives a better one by speaking to Him about it. Indeed, He is the Most Kind, and the Most Gracious.

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