These Are The Valentine’s Day Special Deals You Can Avail Even If You Are Single!

If you are a couple filled with love for each other and is actually looking forward to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day, what would be better than finding a couple of deals that are easy on the pocket?

Being a Pakistani, it is indeed one of the “toughest” times of the year as you’ve to do all the shopping and dining out with your special one secretly.Your mind becomes a puzzle – on one side you are keeping his/her likeness and dislikeness in your mind, properly planning everything for the special day. On the other side, you are taking all the possible preventive measures so that no one in the family could see or know about your schedule of the very special day.

Here we have jolted down the best deals of the town on Valentine’s Day so that you could enjoy every moment of the day without being worried about anything.

Note: You can even enjoy these deals if you are single and forever alone. *Sobs sobs*



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George Bernard Shaw was onto something when he said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food“. Show your love and care to your significant one through the yummiest roses cupcakes and the basket full of love from LALS Kitchen. They are also offering the musical high tea as well on Valentine’s Day.

2. Cambridge:


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With flat 60% off, Cambridge has something really good to add to the wardrobe. Cambridge is well known for their shirts and winter wear, but you should look into the kurta collection as well. The offer is valid till this month end. So even if you don’t have anyone to gift Cambridge items to, use the sale for yourself.

3. Gul Ahmed:


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Love is in the air and so the sale! Up to 50% sale on all of their items including men’s wear, women’s wear, other accessories like handbags, bottoms, tees, Polos and many other could help you to find the ideal gift for your partner on Valentines Day.

4. Broadway Pizza:


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Love pizza? No worries! Broadway Pizza is offering Love Treat – heart shaped pizza in just Rs.599 along with two cans of Pepsi. Also, win a chance to get the free treat by simply tagging your soulmate on the Facebook page of Broadway Pizza.

5. Nishat Linen:


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For perfectionists, Nishat Linen is offering their perfect and the best gift guide for your significant other. The wholesome package includes kurti, shoes, ring, handbag or clutch and earrings. So guys, what other way is better than giving the love of your life the brand she loves?

6. Raintree Mini-Spa:


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Make your significant other free from all the stress and tension with special discount deals by Raintree Mini Spa. Every deal has a complete package for body massage and hair treatment. This definitely is a perfect gift for workaholics!

7. Online Shopping From Daraz And Kaymu:


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Didn’t find anything of your type from the above stated list? Go for online shopping. Daraz is offering up to 65% off while Kaymu has cut down about 50% off on every item.

Take this day as an opportunity to be grateful to your loved ones whom we neglect in our busy schedules of daily life. These little things might not be pricey, but they definitely would show your love and care to the love of your life, as well as to your family and platonic love.

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