Crazy Things You Can Do to Surprise the Crap Out of Your Best Friend on their Birthday


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For every person, one of the highly anticipated events during a year has to be their best friend’s birthday. It’s that day when your celebration plans are larger than life. Enough of the mainstream ways of throwing a birthday bash, how about we discuss plans to pull it off differently?

We’ve got you covered… So, here are some ideas to surprise the CRAP out of your best friend on their birthday:

1. Fake an emergency at 11.30pm on the night before…

Not much risk involved here. Your best friend might never forgive you for the panic attack, so you’ve got to make sure the surprise is big and exciting enough. You don’t want to invite their wrath to you if it’s terrible.

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Call and ask them to see you ASAP at an appropriate location. Call up your closest bunch at the same location and wait for your best friend to arrive. As soon as they reach, gather all people and throw a surprise!

2. Unexpectedly show up at their door right at midnight and take them on a nostalgic treat 🙂

Your best friend would be super delighted to see you doing something extraordinarily special for them. Gather their childhood photos, school albums, print pictures of words and phrases they speak all the time and everything that remains a memorable token. Arrange for a birthday surprise at Pizza Hut, play their favorite song and request everyone at the restaurant to especially wish them a happy birthday.

Have the best time of life by staying on budget as you can always enjoy buy-one-get-one-free offers and plenty of midnight deals to back you up.

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A scrumptious pizza makes people happy. It’s all about sharing a good time with the right people.

3. Ignore the life out of them and throw a surprise around midday

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Take on-board every single person – including their family – who’s most likely to wish them “happy birthday.” They’ll be annoyed to see so many special people not bothering at all about their birthday. Next, plan out a surprise with everyone! Go crazy; take the whole squad to their doorstep and party.

4. Hire a dhol band, show up at their place and start doing bhangra

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It’s a crazy idea. Make noise, dance, get them to dance with you and enjoy…

5. Take them for a makeover and throw a surprise on their return from parlor/salon

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A grooming would take a few hours. Meanwhile, gather people and arrange for a surprise. As soon as they return, BOOM SHAKALAKAAAA!

Taking out my best friend for a nostalgic treat worked for me. You can try other options but trust me, there’s nothing like a midnight birthday surprise with the best people having the best food.

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