This Guy Shared the Best Comprehensive Guide You Need To Follow For Casting Your Vote Today!

Today is the big day – you will be casting vote for the party and the politician you deem can make Pakistan great again. As a civil duty of every Pakistani, make sure you step out today and vote for the party you think can change the conditions of Pakistan.

Despite you wondering if there is no deserving candidate, it is essential to cast a vote. One must not later blame the locals for choosing the wrong person/party in power if things go in the wrong hands – play your part and prove your accountability to the nation first.

There will be a lot of Pakistanis who may be voting for the first time. In such circumstances, it is essential you are made aware of the important things you need to follow.

Usama Khilji Complied the Points Pakistani Voters Need to Keep in Mind While Casting their Vote

In a long, comprehensive post Usama wrote on Facebook, here are the important points you need to know about while casting your vote today:

Vote for whomever you want to, but please vote! ?

Make sure the proper procedure for casting your vote is followed:

1. When you are entering your polling station, you will be checked for security purposes to ensure you’re not carrying anything other than what’s needed to vote: your National Idenitity Card.

2. The polling officer will check your Identity card. S/he will only accept the original card, a photocopy or soft copy are not acceptable. The officer will find your name in the voters list, and cross it out clearly.

3. The polling officer will then mark your thumb with permanent ink to indicate that you have voted and cannot vote again.

4. The polling officer will then take out two ballot papers, and remove the counter foil from them. S/he will then sign and stamp both the counter foil as well as the back of the ballot papers. Please ensure both these steps are taken otherwise your vote will not be counted.

5. You will then mark your vote for your chosen candidate: the green ballot paper will be for the National Assembly candidate from your constituency, and the white ballot paper for the Provincial Assembly candidate. (Voters in Islamabad only will have the green ballot paper for the National Assembly).

6. Make sure you fold your ballot papers vertically so that the ink does not leave a mark on another candidate’s section (which can happen if it is folded horizontally) because if it does, your vote will be void.

7. Cast your votes in the respective ballot box, and you are done! ?  ??

The system has many flaws, but only our continued participation in accountability & claiming our rights can lead to a Pakistan we all wish to live in. We all must continue to play our part in whatever way we can. Happy voting, and share your photos to encourage others! ?

Democratic, inclusive, & secure Pakistan where everyone is treated equally Zindabad! ?? ?? ❤️

So Pakistaniyo, let’s make sure you vote today. Time is till 5 pm…please don’t miss your chance to cast the vote!

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