Best Cakes In Karachi From The Top 10 Bakeries!

The best cakes in Karachi will be the cherry on top of the Eid festival celebration. People are already engaging in Eid shopping and worried about their new clothes.

Why not just change the trend this year and head to the top bakeries in Karachi for the real treat?

Yes, make this year’s Eid special with your loved ones by sending them delicious cakes from the best bakeries in Karachi.

Cakes aren’t supposed to be part of birthdays only, they can add the value of joy to any celebration and festival.

If you are looking for the best bakery in Karachi, then check out our list of the top 10 bakeries in Karachi that offer tasteful cakes.

Top 10 Bakeries That Offer The Best Cakes In Karachi

Cakes have become an important part of our celebration over the past decades, but it doesn’t exist in Eid celebration that much like other sweets like Gulab Jamun, Barfi, Cham Cham, etc.

So, to break the sweet syndrome here are the top 10 bakeries in Karachi that offer the best bakes in Karachi.


Threemilk Cake 2.5LBS - Online Cakes in Karachi |

Whenever start a conversation about cakes, Delizia is one of the outlets that pops into our head. It’s the most popular and one of the best bakeries in Karachi.

Delizia offers you an endless variety of cakes that lets you fall in love with their taste and pleasure. From Red Velvet to Cheese Cakes every single modern cake are available at the outlet.

Despite having a wide variety of flavors, Delizia doesn’t compromise on quality and that’s the reason after all these years its loyal customers are with them.

Pie In The Sky:

Talking about the cake shops in Karachi, Pie in the Sky comes in the second spot with multiple branches in the town.

Pie in the Sky offers different flavor cakes and other sweet items including mousse with brownie, lotus cream cake, coffee cake, chocolate truffle cake, and others.

What makes Pie in the Sky different from others? They don’t just stick with two or three items, their desert collection looks premium and is made with high-quality ingredients. Pie in the Sky’s lotus cream cake is one of their most popular ones.

Cillie’s Cakes & Bakes:

Cillie’s Cakes & Bakes deserves to be on the list, because of their nostalgic and premium quality cakes. Situated inside a 100-year-old house in Parsi Colony, Karachi.

It’s one of the top bakeries in Karachi that offers the best cakes in Karachi and their specialty Pineapple cream cake beats everyone. Cillie’s serves a range of desserts including plain cakes, butter icing cakes, and ice creams, Cillie’s was the first bakery to introduce fresh cream cakes.


Best Cakes in Karachi

If you are looking for reasonable price cakes apart from Cillie’s then Hobnob is one of them. Hobnob is genuinely one of the most popular and best bakeries in Karachi for several reasons.

Hobnob has many branches in the city, their menu consists of delicious and flavorful items including dessert cakes, fudge cakes, cream cakes, cupcakes, brownies, pastries, and other savory items.

There’s no way you can avoid the taste of Hobnob, among their highly recommended cakes Toffee Three Milk Cake tops the list.

Kababjees Bakers:

Lotus Cake 2.5 Pounds – Kababjees Bakers

Ever since Kababjees Bakers jumped into the bakery business, they have captured a wide range of audience with their unique taste and varieties.

They are new in this venture, but still, they offer wonderful cakes to their customers. They have a few shops all throughout the city that provide centers and conveyance services.

Kababjees Bakers surely fall on the list of cake shops in Karachi, because they have a wide range of items including cakes, cupcakes, brownies, pastries, frozen yogurt, rolls, chips, nimko, and others.

Red Riding Hood Bakery:

Riding hood bakery Karachi Cakes, Send Cakes Ferrero Cake, Mars Cake,  Bounty Cake, Snickers Cake to Karachi

You might have heard about this porshe bakery located in DHA and Bahadurabad. Red Riding Hood Bakery is one of the most decorated and popular bakeries in Karachi.

It’s kind of a café cum bakery that offers delicious cakes, cupcakes, pizza, and a wide variety of hot and cold beverages.

They also deal in customized cakes for birthdays, weddings, and other special events.

Red Riding Hood Bakery is famous for Fondant Cake, Cheese Cake, Sponge Cakes, Stacked Cake, ice cream cakes, and cupcakes.

United King:

Black Forest Cake From United King Bakery – GiftsPak | Send Gifts to  Pakistan

If you haven’t heard of United King, then you have not experienced one of the best cakes in Karachi. United King the most popular bakery in town, captured Karachities’s attention ever since it arrived.

It’s one of the oldest bakeries and to date, they haven’t compromised in their taste. The bakery offers a variety of cake flavors at reasonable costs. Classic cakes, pound cakes, premium cakes, and cupcakes are the different types of cakes.

United King’s Nutella cake and chocolate heaven cake are highly recommended.


Best Cakes in Karachi That You Need to Try!

Another premium cake shop in Karachi “Delfrio”, it’s one of the most elite café cum best bakeries in Karachi. It’s a one-stop shop where you get all the sweetness from cakes to cookies to ice cream.

Delfrio lets you have a gourmet experience with professionally made authentic food. Delfrio has a variety of cakes, here are the famous ones Ferrero Rocher-inspired cake, red velvet, chocolate malt, and New York cheesecake.

If you are searching for the best lotus cheesecake, then Delfrio is the right place for you without any doubt.

Master Cakes:

Master Cakes - Azizabad menu in Karachi | Food Delivery Karachi | foodpanda

Master Cakes, one of the oldest cake shops in Karachi deliver sweetness and pleasure all in one. why it was famous? People loved it for its soft and silky textures.

Master Cakes’s chef makes sure that every item is made with only the best ingredients. Master Cakes also take care of sugar patients and that’s why they also offer sugar-free cakes without compromising the taste at all.

La Farine:

Cakes – La Farine

If you are searching for freshly baked oven goodness then La Farine is the spot. Their unique style of offering oven-fresh cakes to their customers has enabled the bakery to maintain its loyal patronage over the years.

La Farine’s mouthwatering options make you fall in love with their wide range of cakes. The Cadbury Cake and Milk Chocolate Cake are highly recommended.

Above mentioned are the top 10 bakeries in Karachi that offer you premium and best cakes in Karachi. If you are a cake lover and want to explore new options this Eid then visits one of the bakeries. Cut the slice of goodness and share it with your loved ones.

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