10 Spiritual Benefits Of Ramadan 2024

Benefits Of Ramadan

Ramadan holds great importance and benefits in the lives of Muslims as it is a holy month for all Muslims in which the Quran was bestowed upon the Holy Prophet (PBUH) on lait ul qadr or “night of power” which occurred during Ramadan.

Ramadan is a spiritual month in which Muslims fast and brings discipline while balancing their Deen and Duniya.

Below are listed benefits of Ramadan and their importance that can help you transform your life during this holy month.

Spiritual Benefits of Ramadan

1. Forgiveness In Ramadan:

Spiritual Benefits of Ramadan

Forgiveness is an element that comes right after you realize your mistakes, and it takes a lot of courage to identify and work on your mistakes.

But the best way to work on yourself is by asking Allah’s forgiveness and especially in this holy month It is said that whoever fasts in the month of Ramadan and asks for Allah SWT’s forgiveness, repents in front of Allah, his sins will be forgiven.

This act of belief doesn’t only make you a better human being but also a strength for believing and Iman in the hereafter.

Abu Hurairah (RA) reported:

“The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said, “When Ramadan begins, the gates of Jannah are opened, the gates of Hell are closed, and the devils are chained”

2. Patience While Fasting:

Benefits of Ramadan

While fasting one is forbidden from eating, drinking, or any sort of action that can break your fast. To refrain from this action takes a lot of patience and strength and that can only happen when a certain person holds an immense amount of respect and love for his religion and Allah SWT.

Practicing this act of respect is one of the pillars of your personal Iman and if you accomplish holding yourself in then you would feel much closer to ALLAH SWT and will get stronger in this act day by day.

3. Ramadan Reflection:

Benefit of Ramadan

It’s really important to reflect on your daily mistakes and routines and hold back yourself from making those mistakes. Reflecting upon your actions and life will not only make you realize your mistakes but will also help you in being a better person and a Muslim.

Every day passing by is a day closer to the Day of Judgment, on that day all our good and bad sins will be classified and according to that, our fate in hell or heaven would be decided, to attain a higher place in Jannah.

4. Protection From Sins:

Fasting is a Shield -Benefits of Ramadan

Fasting in the month of Ramadan works as a protective shield against all the odds that can turn our good deeds into sins. In the famous hadith of Muadh ibn Jabal RA, he reported the Prophet PBUH said: “…. fasting is a shield….”

This is the ultimate protection that prevents us from falling into shaitan’s footsteps however it’s really important to remember that shaitan is chained during Ramadan, so one must pray and ask for his/her protection from bad and evil deeds.

5. Connection with Allah Almighty:

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While performing all the good deeds and withdrawing yourself from attempting any sin, one starts to live according to Allah Almighty, and that increases the closeness between the creator and humans which not only benefits them in their spiritual life.

But also this connection gives great satisfaction as they demonstrate their deep love and gratitude towards the Almighty by obeying his rules and regulations.

6. Mature Adaptability:

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In spiritual benefits of Ramadan It’s one of the Ramadan benefits that not only helps you in spiritual affairs but also in your daily basis affairs.

Due to fasting Muslims experience a sincere sense of social belonging. Those who are fasting should respect and adhere to acceptable social norms.

They should refrain from backbiting, stealing, cheating, or any activity that might harm others.

7. Bonding with Quran:

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We often while reciting Quran fails to understand and forget to read it with the help of translation but if you look into the depth of every chapter and verse, there’s a detailed planner of life provided by Allah Almighty.

From the beginning, it shows how to do everything by book and according to Allah. He sent the Holy Prophet so that he could teach his ummah.

The inner satisfaction and peace that you get while reciting, reading, and understanding the Quran are remarkable.

8. Freedom From Hell:

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This blessed period comes with a big bonus, that is, freedom from hell and admission into paradise. In a beautiful narration, Abu Huraira reported; The Messenger of Allah, peace, and blessings be upon him, said

“On the first night of the month of Ramadan, the devils are chained, the jinn is restrained, and the gates of Hellfire are closed and none of its gates are opened.

The gates of Paradise are open and none of its gates are closed. A caller announces: O seeker of good, come near! O seeker of evil, stop short! Allah will save them from the Hellfire and that is during every night of Ramadan.”

9. Zakat In Ramadan:

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Zakat is a pillar of Islam, and this is mandatory for Muslims to pay zakat at least once a year. It purifies your wealth and helps the poor and needy.

It also helps in achieving all the above-mentioned points that help a person to be spiritually uplifted.

Zakat helps the poor and needy which establishes brotherhood and unity among Muslim brothers and sisters that signifies the beauty of our religion.

10. Benefits Of Growth:

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Last but not least benefit of Ramadan is growth. Growth is the spiritual upliftment and positive changes in a Muslim which is attained in the holy month of Ramadan by trying to follow the Holy Prophet’s Sunnah and by understanding the Quran.

From practicing patience after suhoor and till the time of iftar to praying all night in tarawih and tahajjud for your wish to come true is all a person’s journey on his or her spiritual growth.

The list of Ramadan fasting benefits and facts about Ramadan doesn’t end here, there are many more to the story however the above-highlighted benefits of Ramadan and their importance are the major Ones.

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