Benefits Of Ostrich Meat: Why The World Is Ditching Beef And Chicken For It!

Benefits Of Ostrich Meat

God gave us life billion of years ago. With life, he provided us with everything to sustain it from nutrients to oxygen to water and to companions. In the process, God has lent us animals, grains and lentil to eat; in animals, ostrich meat is more than a blessing for humans.

Ostrich belongs to the family of flightless birds. The bird is classified in the group of Ratite birds. Mainly, there are two species of ostrich birds: Somali ostrich and common ostrich. The benefits of ostrich meat are many which are shrouded in history.

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Studies suggest ostrich meat was one of the most favourite cuisines of ancient regimes; owing to the benefits of ostrich meat the Somalian and other yester civilization relied heavily on it.

Benefits of Ostrich Meat

1: Ostrich meat is low in cholesterol

Cholesterol is a glistening substance found in our blood. Our body demands cholesterol to produce healthy cells, yet the high levels of cholesterol can boost the peril of coronary diseases. Due to high cholesterol levels, you may form fatty sediments in your blood veins. Ultimately, these sediments increase, causing a hindrance for blood flow in our arteries, which causes a heart attack.

Although, meats are generally high in cholesterol, when it comes to ostrich meat it has a very low amount of cholesterol, which would hardly harm any being.  The cholesterol level in ostrich meat is around 0,063gram in per 100gram meat. Besides, this amount of cholesterol is not harmful but actually, it is good for our body for ensuring the smooth flow of blood in our veins.

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2: The wonderful meat is rich in Protein

Protein is basically a building block of our body. We require it for the reinvigoration of our cells. Protein can be called life because it gives life to every organ of our body. Protein is used to build muscles; to enhance the power and stimulation of our body. Those who lack protein fall under the auspices of malignant diseases.

In ostrich meat, you can have an abundant amount of protein for luxuriant growth of cells and muscles.  The ostrich meat consists of  20.6 percent of protein in per 100-gram meat. So this benefit of ostrich meat is one of the cardinal ones owing to the rich amount of protein. Those who want to build muscles should try it; it is worth every penny.

3: Ostrich meat is rich in Iron

Basically, iron is a mineral that can be found beneath our surface. However, the mineral not only exists under the surface but in multiple fruits, grains and several types of meats. It is a vital mineral. Iron is essential for the transportation of oxygen- through haemoglobin in our red blood cells. Scarcity of iron can cause anaemia.  As per health organization, the recommended amount of iron for women between 18 to 50 is 17 milligrams per day and for men above 18, is 8 milligrams a day.

One of the key benefits of ostrich meat includes an abundance of iron mineral. Approximately 3.1 milligrams (mg) iron exist in per 100 gram of ostrich meat. What can be more advantageous than it? This benefit of ostrich meat makes it one of the best kinds of meat across the globe, doesn’t it?

4: Ostrich meat is low in Fat

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Well yeah, fat right? The word ‘fat’ that is haunting you for years and still you cannot resist eating meat. Excess of fat causes obesity and obesity is the mother of all disease. Although fat is absolutely essential for the human body but in limits and only good fat.  The abundance of fat leads to high cholesterol levels and other minerals making you vulnerable for High Blood Pressure, Sugar and heart diseases.

The wonderful benefit of ostrich meat is that it is extremely low in fat besides being meat. Hence, it is a piece of good news for all meat lovers who are also afraid of getting fat they should switch to ostrich meat as soon as possible. In ostrich meat, there is scarcer than 20 percent of fat in 100 grams of ostrich meat.

5: Ostrich meat VS. Beef VS. Pullets

Depends on the piece, a 3.4-ounce serving of ostrich meat, raw, has about 2.5 to 3 grams of fat, whereas, around 115 to 125 calories, akin to skinless chicken breast.

By contrast, the meatiest pieces of beef have 5 grams of fat and 120 to 130 calories per 3.5 ounces. Other heavier beef cuts, though when scraped of obvious fat, have approximately 7 to 10 grams of fat and higher than 140 calories. Hence, the benefits of ostrich meat overweigh other kinds of meats.

6: Ostrich meat is easy to cook

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The average cooking time of ostrich meat is around 5 minutes. All you need to do is grill it or fry it in Olive oil. If you find ostrich meat little drier and hard after cooking, do not worry it is because of less amount of fat and cholesterol in it. Besides, you can also boil the meat if you want to by adding a certain amount of black paper, salt, and coriander. You can add spices as per your taste.

7: Ostrich meat is rich in taste

Unfortunately, many of us have not eaten the savoury meat that is due to the fact we are not fully aware of the benefits of ostrich meat. The dryness and slight hardness of ostrich meat make it a perfect meal for any dinner. It is as sumptuous as other rich foods across the world. Give it a try.

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