10 Reasons Why You Need an Extrovert Best Friend!

Opposites attract! Don’t they? We often make friends with people who are ‘polar opposite’ to us and tend to strike a balance in our lives with their contradicting personalities. Such is the case with an Intro-Extro Best Friend duo. One is very shy and reserved and the other one is in constant search of limelight.

Introverts like maintaining a personal space while extroverts find it hard to breathe without socializing with dozens of people. Having an extrovert best friend is an amazing learning process for a ‘confined to home’, silent sort of a person.

You can’t help relating with the following, if you are an introvert person having an extrovert best friend:


1. You get to meet new people with them because THEY ARE GREGARIOUS!


You get introduced to new people, have nice conversations and make new friends. All thanks to your extrovert best friend.



2. They are bold and daring

 BoldAlthough you prefer being at home most of the times, but an extrovert best friend is an excellent companion to go and explore the world with. They will help you learn the real meaning of the word ‘fun’!



3. They never hesitate to tell the truth


If your hair looks like a mess, your extrovert best friend will be the first one to let you know that.



4. Their company is Ultra-Enjoyable


They are fun and their crazy talking skills will never let you get bored. Brace yourself! You will never have a moment of ‘awkward’ slience, or absolute silence for that matter.



5. When you call them or text them, boredom dies instantly

Call away

If you ever feel bored, just contact them, and they will appear absolutely out of nowhere, that too, with a plan.



6. You don’t feel shy when you are with them

 No Shy

With your extrovert best friend, you are actually able to explore your fun side!



7. The never ending gossip sessions


The gossip sessions never end because they tend to tell you everything!


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8. They know all about the latest trends and fads


An extrovert best friend is indeed the best shopping buddy.


9. They are aggressive, but positively.

know it all

If they have to make a point, they will make it… There’s no stopping them!


10. Their outgoing personality qualities are like a virus, you catch them, no matter how hard you try not to. And when you do, you realize how well-balanced your life has become


Without a doubt, an introvert- extrovert best friend relationship has the best combination ever!


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