Benazir Bhutto’s Niece Gets Married To A Gora In UK And People Lost Their Sh*t

Wedding is supposed to be a happy occasion all over the world (not just for Bhutto family), but not in this part of the world. Until and unless you get an approval from our society mata, you can literally not live happily ever after. I personally wouldn’t even let my closest relatives butt in and tell me who to marry and who not to or when to marry and when not, let alone any stranger but meddling into others personal matter seems to be our national sport.

Source: Facebook

Recently, someone shared a video and a picture from Sanam Bhutto’s daughter/Benazir Bhutto’s niece’s wedding. Instead of wishing couple the best, people started moral policing and graced the couple with undesired criticism, showered them with unsolicited advices and loathsome comments.

This was the video that was shared:

Benazir Bhutto’s children Asifa, Bilawal and Bakhtarwar were also spotted at the event. They were dressed in traditional attire. Everyone seemed to be having a nice, fun family time… but here are some of the comments that will tick you off:

1. Body Shaming Is A Must



2. Someone Even Declared Them Yahoodi Saazish!

3. Some Spotted ‘Qullu Haraam’ Stuff  *Astaghz Bro*

4. Someone Had Their Nazrain Somewhere Else…

To all ‘beygaani shaadi mai Abdullah deewanay’ out there, yaar! apnay karma se kaam rakho. If you can’t wish someone well, don’t but don’t wish them ill. Be a better person. Try kero, kuch nahi hoga. Promise.

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