Conspiracy Theory Suggests The Beirut Blast Was Carried Out By Israel’s IDF

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One of the most tragic incidents of 2020 was captured on camera yesterday, when a blast occurred in the port city of Lebanon, Beirut. While also being the capital, Beirut is home to hundreds of thousands of Lebanese people. Now, this Beirut blast is being termed as a conspiracy by israel.

Almost 2700 tonnes of explosive material caught fire and wreaked havoc in Beirut, taking over 100 lives and injuring almost 4000 in the process. Consequently, the video of the incident was caught on multiple cameras, reminding the world of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

With the investigation under process, the cause of the blast is still unknown. However, analysts and theorists have been keen on involving Israel in the process. One conspiracy theory suggests that the blast in Beirut was not one of chance, but a planned move by the Israel Defence Force.

As per this Twitter thread, Israel’s IDF was behind the Beirut Blast. Here’s what it says:

This picture from 2018, from IDF’s official account, is also doing rounds on Twitter. Additionally, in the picture, IDF chalked out the same area where the Beirut blast occurred. It marks the exact same area and chalks out the explosive depot as well.

Not only this but only 10 hours before the blast in Beirut, the official account of PM of Israel, tweeted this:

In addition, people have been finding the correlation between Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments and the blast in Beirut, on how the two things are interlinked.

Whatever the case may be, the blast is a tragedy that deserves condemnation along with numerous condolences. As for the majority, it is being believed that the blast is a bureaucratic blunder in Lebanon. Furthermore, over 2700 tonnes of explosive material was kept in Lebanon’s port city, stored, for over 6 years. The explosives had been kept there since 2014.

Why wasn’t the area cordoned off? Why wasn’t the explosive material moved to a safer place? Keeping such harsh explosives in the center of the city with a population around, does it make sense?

Moreover, the Lebanese Prime Minister has vowed to punish the officials involved in the security of the depot. Ammonium Nitrate is a highly explosive material, and when the government already had knowledge of its rogue nature, more precautionary and safety measures should have been taken. As for now, the conspiracy theorists are enjoying their cup of tea involving Israel in the process of Beirut blast.

Here’s what they’ve been saying

To conclude, whatever the case may be, the incident is nothing short of an international tragedy. Our thoughts and prayers are with Lebanon and Beirut.

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