Being A Woman, Here's Why I'm Against Celebrating Women's Day

Being A Woman, Here’s Why I’m Against Celebrating Women’s Day

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I have felt this need to speak about the taboo of our society; women and their right to be an equal human and luckily it’s our day today. In a country like ours, I don’t feel like I should celebrate, I don’t find a reason to, why would I? It’s not easy to go outside without being stared and commented and questioned and it all counts as harassment and this happens every day.

Some sick male individuals are so obsessed with women, it’s not that we are walking around half naked yet, we are still being stared at all the time! Why do we require human shields of brothers and fathers and husbands? We live in a patriarchal society, so we don’t get to decide what and who we are because apparently it is your responsibility and we are born to have your opinion in everything we say or do or think.

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What makes you decide if a woman is righteous and pious? What makes you judge her character, her morality? What makes you believe that this woman is respectable and that woman is not? On what basis do you discriminate us? Who gives you or any man the right to judge a woman who has absolutely nothing to do with you but just because she wears certain clothes she talks a certain way and she lives certain way?

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On top of all that, we are being blamed for crimes against us? Why can’t a woman get out of an abusive relationship and live a peaceful life alone without the fear of judgment? Even the minor stuff, why should only women cook? Why should only women leave their parents, friends, family practically our lives and for what? To be somebody’s maid? Why giving birth is the utmost duty of a bahu and if she can’t conceive, there we go, another label!

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Why do parents shatter dreams and self-confidence of an ambitious daughter and invest everything in their son’s education only? Why do we still hear things like “I let my daughter complete her education, I am open minded”, “I let my sister go to movies”,I let my wife work, look at yourselves and tell me who are you, God? You are not letting us do anything, it’s our right it’s our life just as much as it’s yours, you don’t have to approve of everything we do or want to do!

How am I supposed to celebrate inequality? Our society was much worse but there is still a long, long way to go.

I am waiting for the day when men stop taking decisions for us in everything, I am waiting for the day when no one questions a woman’s character if she works late night shifts, I am waiting for the day when husbands treat their wives the way they treat their husbands, the day when a woman with male friends circle is not slut shamed, the day people stop body shaming women, the day I hear that man forced himself on that woman not because she was dressed inappropriately but because he is a pervert a criminal and sick minded, the day child molestation is considered a heinous crime and rapists/molesters are beheaded in front of their victims, the day dowry is criminalized, the day women gets treated like first class citizens, the day women support other women.

The day my streets are safe for me to wear my comfortable clothes and not worry about being harassed and stared and judged. I will not celebrate until then.

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