Being A Minority, Here Is How I Was Discriminated

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Shia har waqt kaale kapre kyun pehne rekhte hain? Shia apne khaanon me kuch milate hain na? Ap Hazrat Ali ko akhri nabi mante hain? And thousand more questions like that bothered me since my childhood.

My whole school life, college and university life was spent in answering these questions. And now, after getting a job in a multinational company, these questions changed into taunts, these questions changed into behaviors and these behaviors made me an outcast.

1. People Try Not To Share Their Food With Me:

Source: The Odyssey Online

And not even dare to taste mine. Risky hosakta hai.

2. You Are Their Google Calendar:

Source: Tenor

If you are wearing black, it means you are mourning for some reason and if you are wearing bright colors, it means there is some event you are celebrating. Because Shias dress up according to each and every Islamic event.

3. Qama Zani Haraam Hai Na?

Source: Giphy

Well, this is a huge debate in the Shia communities. But, people love to know your point of view so that they could create a hoax!

4. Your Colleagues Try To Eliminate You From Outing Plans:

Source: Hijabis

I am a hijabi who wear not only the dupatta of 2.5 meters but also clad herself in another 3 meters chadar while going out. So, it’s better that tent ko saath na he le ker jaen.

5. Important Note:

Source: Giphy

While I am writing this, a list of my close friends come to my mind and I am proud to say that they don’t belong to a certain group of people. Yes, it is a certain group of people who never bother about others opinion.

One of my colleagues once said, “Bhai shiyon se behs nae kerni chahye, wo apne solid reasons ki waja se logon ko qail kerlete hain”

I just hope that these people do some positive work instead of wasting their time in creating conspiracies.

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