Being a KURIAN: 5 Things You Can't Forget After Leaving KU

Being a KURIAN: 5 Things You Can’t Forget After Leaving KU

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KU (Karachi University) is a place where one can enjoy complete colors of university life. Even if you are a damn boring person, you will end up having an amusing set of memories along with your degree. From Arts lobby gatherings or a long walk on a green pathway of silver jubilee, pharmacy chain of canteens or PG’s mini samosas, VS canteen confessions or Neelam point’s brunch, You cannot find any replacement for these alluring spots.
Here are the 5 entities you are going to miss most as you pass out.

Point Journeys


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One of the characteristic trademarks of KU is its overcrowded points for which people compete recklessly to get a single seat. Backseats comments and slogans, interesting chalking over seats, Silent war over a seat when someone just about to leave. Fainted newcomers and a lot more only a regular point traveler could truly know. Undoubtedly you might wait most to get rid of those cranky rides but believe me! You are going to miss those talks.

PG Kay – Mini Samosay


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It could be an unbelievable talk if somebody claims he or her never ever eat PG’s all time favorite mini samosas. Liar probably. Those one bite crispy pastry mini samosas filled with mouth watering mash potatoes served with chat masala for which the whole KU visits Prem Gali. You might be one of them.So, You are Gonna miss it, Buddy.

Silver Jubilee Long Walk


Source: PakMed Biomedical Solutions

And by chance, if u miss that crowded crunchy ride, Let’s have a walk then, a non-ended green shaded path towards silver jubilee if you are not a regular lift catcher for Maskan. Those long walks become amusing having a jet sport in one hand and a group of friends on the other that could never be attained ever again.

Neelam Ghar


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The most awaited and unique event of student week “Neelam Ghar” offers a Bakra as Bumper prize. If u haven’t attended it yet then wait for the upcoming student week and don’t dare to miss it. You will not able find those practical competitions for prestigious rewards outside KU.

The Whole Restaurant At One Place


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And yes KU is a one place restaurant having all sort of food you can assume at least price. Pharmacy food chain, Chinese sizzling servings, all in one cheesy pizza doughnut, VS cheese paratha, Fresh juices and a huge variety of Chana chaats. You are definitely gonna have craving for that food street. Gonna Miss You KU

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