Behroz Sabzwari Subtly Told Sahir Lodhi How Stupid His Show Is And It Seemed So Appropriate!

Let’s face it – Pakistanis are experiencing the worst of the worst reality entertainment TV shows during this Ramadan. From Amir Liaquat’s airplane giveaway to Fahad Mustafa’s weird games and Sahir Lodhi disrespecting a girl live on his show, safe to say that imbeciles have taken over these entertainment game shows.

The current status of these shows is no less than stooping to the lowest for the sake of ratings. These shows and their sponsors are giving away items based on nothing, but acts that derogate the television industry.

Sahir Lodhi, stuck in the awe of considering himself as God knows what hero continues searching for glory by doing all the wrong acts.

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Continuing to the idiocy which is happening on these shows, Pakistani legendary actor Behroz Sabzwari subtly reacted to the stupid game show Sahir Lodhi wanted him to participate it.

One the first of Ramadan, Behroz Sabzwari, and Ayesha Omer were invited to his show. They were told to choose four ladies from the audience, two by each. After choosing the contestants, Sahir told the women to run after Behroz and the first lady to ‘touch’ him will win a free bike.

As soon as the legendary actor heard the conditions, he denied being a part of it. “Bakwas game hai. I refuse,” Sabzwari lashed out instantly. He even insinuated, in a subtle manner, that Lodhi wasn’t fasting as he made this useless game of running right after iftar. Ayesha Omer then interrupted and called for a commercial break to clear the air.

Here’s the video:

Behroz Sabzwari gets angry at Sahir Lodhi for… by PakiViralOnline

What makes this video so interesting is how Behroz, while maintaining his grace, spoke on the idiocy in a subtle manner. Given so, it wasn’t enough for Sahir to learn a lesson.

TV channels and shows need to release how stupid these shows are getting. We need more sane figures like Behroz Sabzwari who could inform these hosts how ridiculous these segments are.

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