Beauty Syndrome: Makeup Layers Can't Define Your Beauty!

Beauty Syndrome: Makeup Layers Can’t Define Your Beauty!

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The latest cover of a magazine comes with a gorgeous, attractive, skinny girl, her hair flowing down her shoulders. Her beauty, her appearance, the perfect smile, in-lined teeth, huge eyes and perfect slim body, have now become the stereotype look for all ladies. This materialistic thinking has now slowly penetrated into our society as well. Gone are the days when it was the goodness of the heart that made you stand out. Now, that doesn’t matter. You maybe Mother Teresa, but you are not worth it if you don’t fit in that skinny dress.

Beauty first and everything later! Search the streets and you will not find a single girl who isn’t under layers of makeup just so she can fit into that stereotype, the society has built for her. Girls become house ridden if they have “bad hair days” or a “pimple problem”. Can’t attend the function because she doesn’t have the right shoes for it. I tell you, those rosy cheeks, those pretty eyes or extra bouncy hair, all of it is not real. plenty of blush on, mascara and hair extensions did the trick.



The question which comes to mind when I ponder over this generation’s materialistic thinking is, do you choose a girl for who she is? or what the society sees her as? Do you accept someone because of the society’s approval? This beauty syndrome has caused the divorce rate as well as the suicide rate to hit the sky. The ones who fail to mold themselves into a ramp model become depressed, fall ill, or commit suicide, because they are dumped for their ordinary looks. If people were preferred for their personalities, then the world would have been a much better place.



Girls are not chosen for who they are as a person and what makes them unique, they are chosen for their extra stylish fake looks and 26″ waist line. It has become mandatory for every girl to be caked with makeup at a young age to hide their dark circles, causing them to lose their innocence and natural beauty which was priceless. They literally starve themselves to look what this materialistic world calls “pretty.”

In the west, they have already gone through all this that our society is just entering into. They have started campaigns on controlling it. They hire fat models and promote #nomakeupdays to pull their generation out of this madness and depression, to control their suicide rate. They are now trying to finish this stereotype and trying to make girls realize that they are beautiful in their very own way. While the west plans on how to re-establish their society and make it free of double standards, as they have realized the mistake they made years ago, we are entering into this fake world, we have lost our humanity in order to maintain that ever so necessary thigh gap.

It’s not worth it at all. You are beautiful and if the other person doesn’t understand, that then he doesn’t deserve you. I sincerely hope that we don’t follow in the very footsteps of the west and regain our senses and sanity alike before it’s too late.

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