Lahore Police Takes Orphans From Darul Shafqat On 'VIP' Field Trip

Lahore Police Takes Orphans From Darul Shafqat On ‘VIP’ Field Trip

Lahore Police Orphans

Our heart cries for many reasons when we lose someone, when we feel extremely happy or when we feel overwhelmed! This staggering gesture by Lahore police melted my heart and left me in tears.

Orphan’s of Darul Shafqat given VIP protocol

Children get a VIP protocol as they took a field trip with Lahore police. Now, what do we say when we see a politician or any VIP in his amazing protocol, we wish that only we had such a protocol and we would rule the world!

The smile on their faces says it all, just look at these smiles and the innocence dropping from their eyes; just gets to our hearts. We are confused beings, we never seize to be amazed by the love cherished by children.

Lahore Police Orphans

Source: Samaa

Pakistan’s police force has always been disregarded, we think that the force is not capable enough of any good. They don’t catch the accused or the sinners, rather all they do is annoy citizens.

After years of hard work, officials were able to change this perception. If you have good in your heart, it fumbles our of our hearts.

If there are police officers who will disrespect elders of our society, there are also officers who would try to build a better nation only out of love.

Lahore Police takes them out!

The field trip started from the orphanage – Darul ul Shafqat in Lahore, the police provided the children with protocol and decided to take them out.

First, the van stopped for breakfast at a renowned restaurant where the police officers themselves served each orphan. Kids spoke to the media and told them that the officers have been nice to them. The supply of food was never-ending and the food was great!

God, I wish I could join them!

Then the orphans were taken to a grocery store where the orphans received packages which would be enough for them for a few weeks.

Lahore police orphans

Source: The Express Tribune

Interviewed kids told the media that they loved the gesture and are proud of their police. Also, an interviewed police officer suggested that we all should take time out from our busy lives and come and meet these kids.

However, orphans are an integral part of our society. It is our job to treat them equally like we treat our children. It is our responsibility to look after them and more couples should be encouraged enough to adopt.

To create a better and healthy world, it is our job to look out for the ones who need our help; not only just orphans. Let’s make a pact with ourselves to always help others cause these people should not feel helpless, no human should!

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