Beaconhouse Under Fire For Treatment Of O/A Level Students In Pakistan

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The situation with the COVID-19 outbreak is changing rapidly. In recent days, many countries have decided to extend school closures till May and June, making it impossible for many schools to hold examinations.

Recently, Cambridge Assessment International Examination (CAIE) announced that May-June 2020 exams will not be taken and students have two choices, either take expected grades based on coursework, assignments and previous results or withdraw themselves from May-June session. They can appear for exams in October-November 2020.

According to the British Council, students can withdraw from the May-June session. They will then provide schools with a credit note that can be used for entries in future Cambridge exams series.

Cambridge International has also said, “Schools can withdraw some or all entries from the June 2020 series and then enter these candidates in a later series such as November 2020. Schools can enter candidates for the November exam series from mid-May. We are reviewing if it will be possible to provide some syllabuses in this series which are currently only available in the June series. We will update centers about this before April 10, 2020.”

They have also provided guidelines to the schools on how to assess their student performances and give them fair grading.

Beaconhouse School unfair decision irks students

Consequently, a majority of schools in Pakistan gave choice to their students to decide about their future. However, one of the most reputed institutes, Beaconhouse School System denied students that chance and announced they would be given expected grades for the May-June 2020 exams.

Students, who were trying to improve their grades in the exams, will now be assessed on their previous performances.

Earlier, Beaconhouse had said, “Students will sit their IGCSE and O Level exams in October/November 2020. Online teaching and learning will continue for O Level and Class 11 students until summer break is announced. They will be promoted to A-Level (provisionally) from 1st June. Classes will start from 8 June 2020 after career counseling and subject selection sessions.” However, later they changed their decision.

Students have been complaining about the management’s decision. They claim it is unfair for the students who were struggling to get good grades.

The City School took a slight proactive approach

On the other hand, another prestigious educational institute, The City School is carefully monitoring the ongoing situation after the virus outbreak. They have given students a chance to decide whether they want to take expected grades or want to appear in the October-November session.

They are also personally calling parents and students to discuss and communicate their final decision to the school management.

However, with the rapidly changing scenario, the schools and government policies are also changing. It’s yet to be seen how our education system will cope up with the crisis.

Moreover, many educational institutes have been conducting online classes to cover the loss. But, these online classes have so far been ineffective. Students are now bashing the Higher Education Commission (HEC) for turning a blind eye over the poor education system in the country. #BanOnlineClasses and #ShameonHEC are one of the top trends these days on social media.


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