PEMRA Released Guidelines For TV Channels For Airing Content During The Holy Month Of Ramadan

PEMRA Released Guidelines For Airing Content During The Holy Month Of Ramadan

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In the recent few years, Ramadan transmissions helped top rated TV channels to harness real-time ratings, causing a number of concerns too. To address the complaints and concerns of the masses, this time around, Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) released a brief statement to all TV channels in which they are asked to follow guidelines narrated.

The statement has been issued in three segments over the official Twitter account of PEMRA on Thursday, asking TV channels to air mindful content during the month of Ramadan, be it Ramadan transmissions, dramas or TV shows. In the case of religious sentiments being hurt, immediate action would be taken.

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Previously, Dr. Amir Liaquat’s Ramadan show offered babies to people during Ramadan transmission and this is why PEMRA has specifically mentioned that there shouldn’t be any orphan children handed to any of the audience members of a TV show. Prohibited acts for the Ramadan shows are: Dancing, singing, exercising and tossing presents.

Furthermore, TV channels have been notified that there must be a clear difference between regular and Ramadan transmissions.

Following pointers have been issued by PEMRA for Ramadan transmissions:

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1- Ramadan shows must be scripted and there must not be impromptu dialogues or statements for the sake of ratings.

2- Vulgar subjects shouldn’t be discussed.

3- Those lacking religious knowledge must not be called as guests.

4- Dress code to be considered in accordance to the holy month.

5-  Non-Ramadan related content to air after 9 pm.

Regulations for dramas airing during Ramadan are as follows:

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1- Dignity of an individual or any profession shouldn’t be harmed.

2- Black magic prohibited.

3- Dress code must not exceed limits.

4-  No kissing, hugging, bedroom scenes.

5- Alcohol or drugs consumption must be avoided.

6- Family matters must not be promoted in a negative manner.

7- Divorce scenes/ matters should be tackled sensitively.

Morning shows are no exceptions, here are following guidelines issued:

Source: Media Bites

1- Only guests with their knowledge or expertise on the topic to be invited.

2- Family problems must not be highlighted e.g. husband, wife and in-laws quarrels.

3- Vulgar statements should be avoided.

4- Audience or guest must not be prompted to sing or dance.

5- Attire in accordance to the holy month of Ramadan.

6- Scholars should be invited as guests as this could help children to learn.

Let’s hope all the given guidelines all followed by our Pakistani TV channels in the coming month of Ramadan.

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