Be Aware! Islamabad Police Will Now Be Recording Everything You Do!

islamabad poliec body cameras

Among other interstate developments, the advancement of technology in the country police was also necessary. Apparently, in order to stop the citizens from violating the laws, recently a major decision was taken in the capital. In order to promote friendly policing in Islamabad, the officials will now be wearing body cams that will help in catching lawbreakers.

Islamabad police to wear body cameras to record daily interactions!

Indeed, the implemented decision deserves appreciation as the recorded evidence will ensure transparency in judgment. A similar approach earlier released a 33% quota for women in the tourism police by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government. As of now, Islamabad police are using body cameras to record every illicit activity happening around the city and its vicinity.

Islamabad Police Recording

The Express Tribune

The cops of Islamabad started functioning as per the new orders earlier this week with small cameras attached. According to local media reports, on Thursday, body cams were attached to police officers’ uniforms deployed on the Kashmir highway. The strategy became operational at the Interior Ministry with the presence of Interior Minister Ijaz Shah.

”The cameras will capture images and record videos of the interaction!”

On the event, Inspector General of the Capital Police (IGP) Aamir Zulfiqar was also present. Later, IGP Aamir Zulfiqar spoke to the media and shared the details about the newly implemented formula on Islamabad police. He stated, ”The cameras will capture images and record videos of the interaction between deployed policemen and the public. It will also record occurrences around the officer”.

Islamabad Police Recording

Lahore News

”The knowledge that they record will help keep all parties in any interaction honest, particularly discouraging corrupt practices and allow them to gain the confidence of one another, the IGP maintained. Reportedly, Prime Minister Imran Khan has given out instructions to provide the police officers with body cams.

PM Imran Khan directs the capital police!

Adhering to PM Khan’s decision, Aamir Zulfiqar said, ”Following directions from Prime Minister Imran Khan, the police department had procured 10, night vision capable body cameras, on self-help basis. Five of these are put on the uniforms of officers on Thursday while the remaining five are to be done over the next two days”.

Islamabad Police Recording

The News

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”The cameras will soon be in connection with the Safe City Project in the federal capital and hoping that the technology will automatically resolve several complaints about the misconduct of policemen, especially those serving at police pickets”, he added. Further, the IGP emphasized that those police officials who patrol the roads to always wear the provided camera.

Certainly, in the project’s second term, ”Those police officers who patrol the streets of the federal capital and those who are at police stations will wear body cameras”, IGP Aamir Zulfiqar concluded. Well, more developments in the country’s police department are due in the near future.

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