Based On Your Zodiac, Here’s The Number Of Dates It’ll Take You To Fall In Love!

It has been scientifically proven that everybody falls in love differently. For some people, it happens quickly and they fall for the person sitting right in front of them. For others, it can take a bit longer to experience this mighty feeling. Thanks to the astrologers who have acknowledged us about the strengths and weaknesses according to our zodiac signs. They have predicted not the exact time but a rough idea when each sign is going to witness some strong and serious feelings for the other person. And here’s an approximation of how many dates it will take each zodiac sign to fall in love!

1. Aries

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As a sign that is so fierce and passionate, Aries people take more time in understanding people as compare to others. This means that they are not easy-going to be falling in love.

Number of dates: 7 – 8

2. Taurus

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The one thing Taurians look for in any relationship is honesty. Once a person inspires them with sincerity, they will fall in love quickly! Beware of committing them for a long time!

Number of dates: 3 – 4

3. Gemini

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The dual personality traits of Geminis have made them famous for ‘an indecisive lot’. They take a long time to recognize the feelings of love, the person comes after it. So, keep patience!

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Number of dates: 12 – 13

4. Cancer


Cancer is ruled by Moon, a center of feminine energy and associated with feelings of mother and home. That’s why Cancerians look for stability only. They need confirmation again and again even if they know that he/she is the right person. Check out these 7 things you need to know before you date a Cancerian.

Number of dates: 6 – 7

5. Leo

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According to astrologers, Leos are as passionate as their zodiac sign. They are expressive when it comes to love, so it will not take too long for Leos to fall in love!

Number of dates: 3 – 4

6. Virgo

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Virgos are perfectionists. They never settle for things that are not up to their mark. They don’t trust people quickly and when it comes to love, they love WISELY! Be cool and calm because Virgos believe in eternal love.

Number of dates: 6 – 7

7. Libra

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Librans believe in equality in the relationship, they are keen to make it fair. Once they found that it is safe to play, they do it. But obviously, it requires not 2 or 3 meeting to set mold their mind according to your wish.

Number of dates: 5 – 6

8. Scorpio

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Their dedication in a relationship differentiates them from others. They do not usually fall for someone easily but if they do, I swear, Scorpions are the ones you always look for in your life!

Number of dates: 2 – 3

9. Sagittarius

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Sagittarians are full of emotions and adventure that’s why they fall in love fearlessly to experience love and take it as a challenge. Be careful about their mood swings!

Number of dates: 2 – 3

10. Capricorn

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Capricorns are wisdom lovers, they always look for intellectual connection before love. If you are up to their standard, it won’t take you longer to impress them!

Number of dates: 4 – 5

11. Aquarius

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Being the practical ones, they always calculate the losses and benefits of commitments. In other words, it will take a long time span for Aquarians to fall in love.

Number of dates: 12 – 13

12. Pisces

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They are a bunch of shy people who never confess their feelings until they get a comfortable environment. Inside, they are in love but they open up when their heart permits them to. So, cool your heels and wait patiently!

Number of dates: 6 – 7

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