Famous Clothing Brand Bareeze In Hot Waters For Introducing ‘Muharram Collection’

bareeze muharram collection

Pakistani clothing industry is filled with influential and beautiful minds. May it be Khaadi, Generations or Junaid Jamshed, each clothing brand has a profound image in the minds of its customers.

As a matter of fact, everyone is always excited to see what every brand has to offer in their collections each season. May it be Eid or may it be a National holiday customers are always steady in line to check the collection out.

However, just now a Pakistani brand has caused quite a rift among its customers by introducing a ‘Muharram Collection’. Not only is the idea of having a Muharram collection absurd, but it is extremely offensive to many.

The month of Muharram is sacred and reminds of the tragedy of Karbala, an incident that can never be forgotten; hence using that incident to market one’s brand is completely inappropriate.

Twitterati schools Bareeze for inappropriate ‘Muharram Collection’

The minute the news of the new clothing line went online people have been infuriated with the brand. From calling out designers and the creative team, many have started to boycott Bareeze completely for their alleged indecency.

Along with that, people are also saying that Muharram is a sacred month and not a festival hence, the brand, must apologize for its mistake.

What people find most hurtful and troubling is how most people would still prefer to purchase from the store provided that it is a brand.

Something that is far worse, is how no comment or statement from the brand, Bareeze has come forward regarding the matter. Nor has the brand apologized for its indecency.

Where are we headed?

As a whole, seeing these troubling states, it makes us wonder have we really lost or forgotten to fear Allah? Or have deprived ourselves from emotions and humanity completely over the lust of money, fame and luxuries of the world.

Perhaps! The end of the world is nearing and it is indeed a grave time to repent for our sins and plead forgiveness from Allah.

Above all. we hope that these brands refrain from such marketing in the future and we all don’t forego the belief system of Islam. As of now, most items from the Muharram collection seem to be ‘out of stock’.

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