Students Protest Against University Of Balochistan’s Admin For Misconduct!

University of Balochistan Scandal

The educational institutes of Pakistan have become an open field for the wicked. Schools were once known for their quality education, experienced faculties, and great productive environments. Now, they are reduced to money-making-businesses and stress-grounds. Moreover, students are charged hefty fees. In return, they are subjected to discrimination, harassment, and bullying by professors that have led to several student suicides. However, the latest scandal involving Balochistan University has marked a new low for the educational sector of this country.

The university administration was sexually harassing and blackmailing female students!

This isn’t the first time criminal administration of a university has taken advantage of the helpless students. Previously, in Islamabad, Comsats University’s management came under fire for showing indifference towards their student’s deteriorating health, which led to his demise within the campus.

However, the University of Balochistan’s management was onto something far worse and of perverse nature. According to the sources, there were cameras installed in various places to spy on students, mostly females.

University of Balochistan Scandal


The FIA which has been probing the case for several weeks now has revealed that female students were being blackmailed and sexually harassed through objectionable videos of them. Also, the footages were shot through at least six secret cameras installed in various places of the Quetta campus without anyone’s knowledge, on top of the already existing and known CCTV cameras.

A senior FIA officer informed, “We have traced 12 videos of harassment of female students,”. Furthermore, culprits who harassed were some officials in the university’s administration, he added.

A mass student protest has broken out at the University of Balochistan!

Students have come out in groups with placards in hand demanding justice to be served and for certain personalities including the VC of the university to be removed. According to the sources, the Vice-Chancellor of UOB, Javed Iqbal is accused of being involved in violating the female students through blackmailing.

Moreover, the VC has a stained past; Vice President of Academic Staff Association of the Balochistan University Professor Fareed Achakzai alleged that the VC was involved in a harassment scandal back in 1992.

The entire administration of UOB including the security staff has been blackmailing female students through secretly shot videos, over fee and GPA. “Recently, a female student lodged a complaint of harassment at a local police station against a member of the administration and the vice-chancellor reached the police station to downplay the matter,”  said the professor Fareed Achakzai.

The entire network comprising of VC, security personnel and every person involved should be brought to justice. The female students come from far-flung areas to receive education in this institution and taking advantage of them, recording them without their consent and using that to blackmail them into committing perverse acts with them is criminal, heinous and unacceptable.

The provincial government instructed for anti-harassment special committees to be constituted all across Balochistan institutes!

As for the UOB sexual harassment case, a special committee has been set-up to look into the case thoroughly. The committee will come into action on the 18th of October.

Absolutely, every single person involved should be punished severely and made ane example of.

The daughters of this nation come to these learning places so they can curate a successful life for themselves. Not so they can be taken advantage of, disrespected by their seniors and physically violated. Furthermore, educational institutes are supposed to be places that are safe for girls where they can trust their peers, their teachers and gain what they come here for- that is a quality education.

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