Bake Parlor’s New Noodle Soup Range Brings Back Excitement In 2021

The year 2020 has definitely been a devastating one for many and while we begin 2021 with new hopes, new resolutions, and of course, new food interests, the second strain of COVID-19 is proving to be more lethal. Despite the health-risking consequences laid out by the pandemic, the extended “stay at home” period brought back the excitement at the food table during meal times. Following the same family recipe, Bake Parlor has now added noodle soup range to its massive product line.

Real Ingredients, Exquisite Taste

Being the first-ever company to launch 2 in 1 pasta recipes, Bake Parlor has sure lived up to its name since its inception 20 years back. Bringing families closer even in the worst of circumstances, as always, Bake Parlor is now ready to take your taste buds to a whole new level.  The easy to make soup noodles come in a 2 in 1 pack having the noodles and the masala in a single packet.

noodles soup

Keeping the consumer satisfaction in mind, the all-new noodle soup will be cooked in real chicken broth and noodles to preserve the quality. Not only that, the soup noodles also save you from the hassle of long cooking hours as they are made to excite up your meal time in a mere few minutes. Just gather the right ingredients, follow the easy recipe and enjoy the true taste of instant noodles.

Perfect Blend Of Health, Hygiene And Local

As always, this time also, Bake Parlor has set the standard quite high by following the prime protocol; health, hygiene and local. Since, the pandemic, people have started being more cautious while choosing their food. But it won’t be an issue now because “Khao tou noodles, peeyo tou soup” is the new normal.

Focusing on that factor, Bake Parlor’s new noodle soup range is made with well-maintained automatic plants, thus, eliminating the touch of any human hands and hygiene threat. Secondly, the elements that create the magical recipe are chicken broth with real noodles which makes it delicious yet healthy. Lastly, from product to packaging, every single thing used is made in Pakistan meaning that Bake Parlor’s noodle soup range is purely local.

bake parlor noodles

No MSG, No Health Risk

Well, the fun doesn’t just end here, the soup noodles have Bake Parlor pasta as noodles which alleviates the quality doubt form the mind of the consumer. Moreover, the preparing procedure is quite easy and short, just 3 to 4 instant steps as directed and voila, the hunger is filled. The most important thing that separates Bake Parlor from the rest is the No Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) factor.

Over the period of time; the transforming lifestyles, advancing habitual likings and hectic life routine gradually took over the magical family gatherings. Apparently, while the prevalent COVID-19 kept friends and relatives distant, Bake Parlor’s vast pasta range lit up the dinner tables, once again. The scrumptious Bake Parlor Recipe Range consists of more than 26 variants including Chinese, Burmese and European flavors.

Irresistible Flavors And Khowsuey

Made on the idea to provide an irresistible tangy taste, Bake Parlor’s pasta variants are carefully infused with exquisite local cuisines to give it the distinct Desi touch. Speaking of the intense fusion, Bake Parlor’s most-liked flavors include Hot and Sour Noodles, Chicken Chilli Spaghetti, Chicken Chowmein, Tikka Macaroni, Achari Macaroni, Fajita Spaghetti, Bihari Boti Macaroni, Malai Boti Macaroni, BBQ Macaroni, Chicken Lasagna, Shashlik Macaroni, Chicken Manchurian, Hara Masala Spaghetti, Jalfrezi Macaroni and the recently added Khowsuey.

There’s no doubt that the originally Burmese cuisine Khowsuey has become the talk of the town in a short span of time. Analyzing the chaotic last year and stern on exciting up the daily meals in 2021, Bake Parlor introduced “Khowsuey” which turned out to be a success in the market. Apart from that, Bake Parlor also added noodle soup range to its massive product line.

It’s time to gather all your family members and “Sip, eat and enjoy the real taste” with Bake Parlor’s noodle soup range – where the motto speaks for itself.

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