Bake Parlor Pasta’s Wide Recipe Range Aims To Bring Families Close During This Pandemic!

The coronavirus pandemic has completely disrupted the world cycle, leaving everyone in complete isolation and no one knows when will it end. Making people adhere to the social-distancing rules to prevent them from catching the contagious virus, countries have been put under strict lockdown. However, bored and frustrated ones have eventually opted for other entertainment options while staying at home.

As good food holds the power to change the whole mood, the expert, Bake Parlor has come up with an amazing strategy to ease the current conditions. Analyzing the drastic change in lifestyles and to bring people closer during this pandemic, Bake Parlor Pasta’s delicious recipe range is turning things for good.

Bake Parlor’s esteemed flavors and its impact during the lockdown!

While the novel coronavirus has created communication bridges, Bake Parlor’s flavorful recipe range is making families bond over mealtime. Undoubtedly, the perfect blend of spices and the huge range of Bake Parlor’s succulent flavors calls for happy family time and that’s what’s bringing families closer despite the ongoing lockdown.

With over 25 exciting variants, Bake Parlor’s recipe range includes flavors that go beyond just fulfilling hunger but satisfies your tastebuds. To make things more interesting, Bake Parlor recipe range includes Burmese, Chinese, and European flavors which are fused with Pakistan’s local cuisines providing the consumers with a unique item.

The wide range of food items and ‘Khowsuey’!

Precisely, the consumer favorite items include Hot and Sour Noodles, Chicken Chilli Spaghetti, Chicken Chowmein, Tikka Macaroni, Achari Macaroni, Fajita Spaghetti, Bihari Boti Macaroni, Malai Boti Macaroni, BBQ Macaroni, Chicken Lasagna, Shashlik Macaroni, Chicken Manchurian, Hara Masala Spaghetti, Jalfrezi Macaroni, Khowsuey and a lot more.

Coming towards the tantalizing Burmese dish Khowsuey, Bake Parlor has now added it to the wide range and is also gathering positive feedback from the markets. It won’t be wrong to say that Bake Parlor has always been stick to its traditional values which helped it become the first food giant to introduce 2-in-1 pasta recipes. Because of being consistent in providing quality products, Bake Parlor has become the true pasta expert over the last 20 years.

Bake Parlor’s ad shows how families come together

The theme of this TVC is based on the father and daughter relationship. Showing beautiful chemistry between both. Shahood Alvi as father and his daughter Areeja Shahood (a fresh beautiful face) as a daughter, gracefully compliments the storyline with Kiran Khan, adding value to the claim as a mother’s role. She is a famous host at Hum Masala TV.

Bake Parlor’s new ad shows how families come together when it comes to cooking. The ad depicts a beautiful father-daughter relationship, how if there is love, there is always togetherness.

The daughter teaches her father how to become a ‘pasta expert’ in one day, while the father teaches his daughter how to drive. The smiles and the family coming to sit together on the dining table, the ad is just so heartwarming. If you too want to become a ‘pasta expert’ in one day, Bake Parlor is what you need!

So, now you know, what to do when the mood to eat something fancy kicks in during this lockdown period. Caring for your well-being, Bake Parlor urges everyone to stay at home and enjoy its magical flavors with their family members. Take care of yourself and the one close to you.

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